8 Ways to Keep Your Pets Safe in the Car

There are many of us that care more about our pets’ health and well-being than themselves, and rightly so. They provide companionship, happiness, and endless love and affection during all times of the day. Considering the love for our pet is so mighty, it just means that we want to take them to different places other than your home. Whether it is to the vet, to play at the park or a long cross country trip, there are steps you can take to provide safety while in the car. 


Your pet may either be super excited or super nervous to be in the car. Either way, there is a strong possibility that they may try and climb up to be in the front seat with you or even onto your lap. This could be extremely dangerous and easily distract you from the road causing possible car accidents. If your animal has this problem, you can purchase a barrier that blocks them from coming up to the front of the car.

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Staying Hydrated

If you are going on a long trip, it is vital that you keep your pet hydrated. Make sure you take frequent stops on the way so you can let them stretch their legs and drink up. Remember, you know what you are signing up for, but they do not! Keep some extra water in the car and a portable water bowl, so you don’t forget about it. 

Medicine or Natural Substances

If your animal gets motion sickness, which is a strong possibility, you need to be prepared to help relieve them. It is always smart to talk to your vet about specific prescriptions for your animal, but substances such as ginger, lavender, and certain CBD supplements that come in treats can help ease their sickness. If you know your pet gets sick, try and drive carefully and remember that they are in the back.


If you have a smaller pet, such as a cat, you will want to have a safe carrier to keep them in. Usually, cats are going on shorter and less often trips, but they can still get easily stressed out. Make sure the crate or carrier is well ventilated with space for them to move and breathe. Try and keep them comfy and put a blanket and some toys in with your cat. This will make them happier throughout the drive. Also, as tempting as it may be, try not to put them in the front seat. If you stop suddenly, they are safer in the back with less movement. 


While driving with your pet, remember to keep the air cool and do not blast the heat. They are more susceptible to getting overheated. But the rear air conditioning on, and be conscious of if you hear or see them panting. If you can, roll down your windows and let them get fresh air! Not only will they cool off, but they will love all the smells that come along with it.


If you plan to go on a long trip, it is a good idea to get your pets used to the car, especially if they have never ridden in one before. If you are going to get coffee, picking up something, or want to drive around while listening to music, take your pet along with you! It may be nice to have some company and will start getting them used to the car. Remember, if you plan on making an extended stop somewhere, do not bring them! It is okay to leave your pet for a couple of minutes in the shade and with air but not any longer. 


Everyone feels safer when they are more comfortable. If you are putting your pet in the back trunk, lay out some blankets for them, so they feel more at home. Plus, you will keep hair out of your car! If you put your pet in the middle seat, purchase a cover that you can lay on top specifically for your pet.

Be Calm

If your pet makes an accident or throws up in the car, try not to make a big scene about it. First, they will already be plenty embarrassed and means that they are sick. Be calm, show them affection and clean up the mess. If you know your pet may throw up, put old towels or blankets around them so it will not ruin your car. 


Everyone needs to be safe while driving, including your pets. You can’t avoid the car forever, so you will want to be prepared when you do. Follow these tips, so your pet is safe while driving, and they may start to enjoy the road trips! 

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