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Here are some of the most significant rat facts for kids including rats diet, behavior and distribution. Rats are several medium-sized rodents belong to the superfamily of Muroidea. They have long tails. True rats are the member of the genus Rattus. Rats differ from mice, with respect to their size in that rats are usually large rodents whereas the mice are small muroid rodents. Black rat and the brown rat are the best known species. The whole group is usually called True rats or Old World rats, instigated in Asia. Rats are known to be greater in size as compared to the Old World mice, which are their relatives, but hardly ever weigh over 500 g (1.1 lb) in the wild.

Interesting Rat Facts For Kids

Male rats are known as bucks while females are called does, parent females are known as dams, and juveniles are known as kittens. These animals are opportunistic feeders and are known to reside near human habitats. For the same reason they are called commensals. They may give rise to the sizeable losses, in developing countries in particular. Nonetheless, the extensive distributed and tricky commensal species of rats are in marginal in this varied genus. Several species are the residents of Islands while some are listed as endangered due to the habitat loss. The average lifespan of rats is dependent on particular species however, many can survive for about a year due to predation.

The bred rats have been believed to be kept as pets since the late 19th century. Rats that are kept as pets react differently in comparison to those living in the wild. The good news is that they do not cause any real danger for health risk as is more likely in case of dogs and cats. Tamed rats are thought to be rather more friendly and social and can be easily kept under captivity.

Rats as Food | Rat Facts For Kids

rat facts for kidsRats are often treated as a food in some countries while in some they are considered to be a prohibited fare. In India, for example, rats are normally eaten in Mishmi culture where women do not consume any meal except wild birds, pork, fish and rats. They are considered to be a conventional diet. Amongst all the species, bandicoot rats are treated as one of the most important food source for people living in Southeast Asia.

African slaves have also been known to hunt down wood rats for their food. Similarly in other countries like Australia, Thailand, and Philippine rats are warmly treated as a food. One of the potential predators of rats is snake which consistently eat these animals whether under captivity or in the wild. Ball pythons are famous for eating rats.

Rats are also responsible for spreading out few pathogens thereby causing disease, including fever, leptospirosis and Hantavirus infection. However these animals are not necessarily involved in causing pathogen.

Rats have a strong sense of smell and are simple to train.

What Do Rats Eat

The rats are exclusively omnivores and will eat anything, but cereals form a significant part of their diet. Most of these animals consume scrambled eggs, cheese, cooked kernels, and macaroni, the least liked food includes raw celery, peaches, and raw beets. Hunting behavior is often limited to a specific population and differs by environment and nutrients. Rats inhabiting in west Virginia are fond of eating fish. Some species such as those living in Po River (Italy) are more likely to consume mollusks. Rats living in the North Sea (Norderoog Island) stalk and kill ducks and sparrows.

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