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You want to know the most important scorpion facts for kids? You’ve certainly come to the right place. Scorpions are the predatory arthropods that belongs to the Scorpiones order and the class of Arachnida. They can be easily identified with their clutching claws and the slim tail. Scorpions have eight legs. They have an extremely venomous stinger which is affixed at the end of clutches. Depending on the species, scorpions range in size from 9mm to 21 cm. These arthropods are extensively found in almost all the continents except Antarctica, and lofty areas. There are around 1,752 scorpion species in the world. The scorpion’s venom is enough to kill humans; only 25 species have this much venom.

Interesting Scorpion Facts For Kids

  • The oldest known scorpion ever lived some 430 million years ago during the period of Carboniferous. At present, there are 111 scorpion fossils discovered.
  • The size of thee arthropods differ considerably in that some measure 10 cm (3.9 inches) to 2.5 meters (8.2 feet). These species are called sea scorpions.
  • They have short, thick, and tapering legs that are perfectly adaptable to grasp rocks and seaweed against the sea waves.
  • They have a flexible lifespan but the actual lifespan of scorpions is still unknown. However, these species can live from 4 to 25 years, with the maximum age ever is 30 years.

scorpion facts for kidsWhere Do Scorpions Live

They are highly desirous to inhabit in regions where the temperatures range from 20 to 37o C; however scorpions can live on under below the freezing temperatures to the intense desert-heat. These arthropods are considered to be nocturnal. They look out the relative cooler places to make their habitats which is why they are mostly found under rocks. They reflect photophobic behavior mainly because of their potential predators including lizards, possums, rats, birds, and centipedes.

What Do Scorpions Eat | Scorpion Facts For Kids

scorpion facts for kids - scorpion picturesScorpions are believed to be opportunistic feeders and they primarily kill consume small arthropods, while occasionally they kill mice and small lizards. With the help of their sharp pincers they hold their prey. Scorpions are known to inject venom into their prey or crush them altogether. The injection of venom will indeed paralyze its prey and eat it afterwards. They have a distinctive style of consuming its prey. They can only ingest food in a liquid form. In a single sitting, these species can eat a large amount of food because of the fact that they have highly efficient storage organ. Scorpions are generally not active as they move quite slowly. They can survive for long period of time without food, with few species can even exist for 6 – 12 months.

The scorpion’s body is classified into three sections; the abdomen (mesosoma), the head (cephalothorax), and the tail (metasoma). The scorpion’s head is embraced with eyes, carapace, pedipalps, and four walking legs. They have sturdy and lasting exoskeleton, that offers food defense from potential predators.

scorpion picturesWhere Do Scorpions Live

Scorpions are known to reside in all the important land masses except in cooler regions like Antarctica. These arthropods have been introduced in New Zealand, Great Britain, and certain islands of Oceania. One of the largest concentrations of scorpions is found all throughout Northern Hemisphere. Some species are also found in each terrestrial habitat, high mountains, except tundra. A small number of individuals (Euscorpius flavicaudis) have also been imported from Africa to the United Kingdom. These types are not venomous and are not dangerous to humans.

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