Sea Turtle Facts For Kids | How Long Do Sea Turtles Live

Sea turtle facts for kids are not only fascinating for little brood rather most adults find it appealing too. Known as reptiles, sea turtles are one of those animals that fancy living inside the sea waters.

The reason why marine animals like sea turtles bathe easily in deep waters is that the nature has attached specially designed horizontal limbs that are wide enough to enable them to go for a dip. Due to these flippers, sea turtles find it extremely difficult to stroll on terrain. However, as the name implies, they are not intended for terrain either. Besides, they have a shell-style jacket over them which is used to safeguard them from potential dangers.

There are about 7 different species of sea turtles and unfortunately all of them are in danger of extinction. Among these, few sea turtles fancy residing in hot climates while others are usually more inclined toward chilly regions. One of the major difficulties in documenting the precise number of sea turtles is that since turtles do not return to their prior position after giving forth their babies, so counting the precise number of hard to come by.

Sea Turtle Facts For Kids

Baby Sea Turtles

Hide beneath the ground, there are eggs of a sea turtle and baby sea turtles are emerged right after 60 days and are known as hatchlings. Since the eggs are covered by the sand particles, so the sea water is always at a walking distance from the birth place. Immediately after coming out of their respective egg shells, they sprint to the deep waters. However, as baby turtles are too small to guard themselves, therefore they are vulnerable right away.

They hang by a thread so long as they stroll on sand and are an easy meal for predators like fish and birds. What’s more about baby sea turtles is the fact that the ratio of survival is just about 1/1000 means only one of thousand babies continue to exist. Baby sea turtles remain as juveniles until they reach at the age of 30 years. Furthermore, baby sea turtles orbit their shells one time after they are hatched.

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Sea Turtles Migration

One of the amazing sea turtle facts for kids is that they go on for a journey by covering hundreds of thousands of miles from their origin. One study revealed that leatherback turtle surpassed all other animals with the bursting through a massive area of almost 20,000 kilometers in just about 22-month period. This expedition was by far the biggest of all migrations across the globe. With the help of a satellite, the entire trip of a sea turtle was documented.

How Long Do Sea Turtles Live

The age of sea turtles varies from 60 to 80 years, counting on the specific kind of sea turtle. Whereas, sea turtles are in their prime of life as they reach at the age of 30 years. What’s more interesting about sea turtle facts for kids is that experts believe that they are one of the oldest animals on this planet. Sea turtles are believed to exist from the time when dinosaurs were existed, which is probably more than 100,000,000 years back.

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Rare And Most Amazing Sea Turtle Facts For Kids

  • As the male and female sea turtles are almost identical in physical appearance, so it is pretty hard to come by the precise gender.
  • Since the physical features of this animal is fabricated particularly for swimming so it turns out to be a demanding task when a female edges up on sand in order to bury its eggs. For that reason, it takes about 3 hours for a female to reach there.
  • Sea turtles are fond of living alone and that’s why it’s quite rare you see turtles forming a formation. Apart from breeding or perhaps migrating purpose, they do not come together even hatchlings sprint toward the water single-handedly, which is one of the most interesting sea turtle facts for kids.
  • Some of the sea turtles have the capacity to remain under deep for about 4 to 5 hours without coming back to shore. Heartbeat rates declines considerably during this long period and at times, an interval of 10 minutes passes between two beats.
  • Sea water is an abode for sea turtles and they continue to stay there throughout their entire lifespan.
  • Due to the brackish water, these turtles emanate salt through their eyes.
  • There are few turtles that do not give forth eggs until 4 years subsequent to breeding.
  • Another one of the amazing sea turtle facts for kids is that if there is no shortfall in foodstuff most of them are capable to survive for about 365 days.
  • Being the biggest of all sea turtles, leatherback ranges up to more than six feet in length.
  • Male sea turtles never come back to its birth place on sand from where it was hatched.
  • In order to give predators the slip, females usually burrow vacant shells in various places on sand.
  • As soon as a musk turtle sniff danger, he emanates a disgusting odor.
  • Another one of the unbelievable sea turtle facts for kids is that every baby turtle has more than one dad.
  • When it comes to the number of sea turtle eggs, female can lay more than 190 eggs at a time.

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