Three Guard Dog Alternatives for Your Home

Believe it or not, canines aren’t the only companions that can help protect your home. There are lots of different animals that have worked side-by-side with humanity in the spirit of mutual survival and coexistence. Lots of different farm animals have proven themselves to be quite adept at warning us when there is danger and even protecting us. Today, we’re going to talk about a couple.

The Mighty Geese

Geese are already predisposed to acts of intimidation when a stranger is present. They do everything from warning calls to outright physical assaults when they feel they are threatened making them surprisingly adept at protecting your property and even your livelihood.

It all has to do with their innate aggressiveness regarding their territory. When a goose feels like someone is trespassing it will respond first with a loud warning call to scare away the predator. If this does not work, it can escalate to violence. They can serve as warning signs when something is wrong.

mighty geese
GeeseBy Ricardo Liberat

Donkey Defenders

Even in the early days, the donkey was recognized as an ideal guard animal due to its incredible hearing and territorial nature. For centuries, farmers all over the world from countries in Africa to the coldest reaches of the highlands implemented them as part of the shepherding process because of their ability to detect predators and drive to fight back.

When a donkey detects a stranger or a dangerous animal, it will first emit a braying call. This serves as a warning not only to the intruder but anyone else around. From there, the donkey can respond with a series of powerful kicks and stomping.

Donkey - Alternative to Guard dog

Llama Leaders

Hailing from the southern-most reaches of South America, Llamas do more than just provide us with wool and companionship – they also make great guardians. They might not seem like it at first glance, but Llamas are actually quite inquisitive and alert regarding their surroundings.

When threatened they emit a unique alert sound that is quite different from their usual braying. And, much like donkeys, they have an innate, aggressive disposition to most predatory animals which can also be trained on intruders with the proper upbringing.


Home Security for your Animal Kingdom

And those are just a few interesting and unique alternatives to guard dogs that you might not have considered. Of course, if that isn’t enough and you’re still concerned for the safety of your home, it might be time to step it up and look into a home security system.

There are plenty of different services and sites out there like, which can help get you started. Just remember that you have options when it comes to securing your home. There are plenty of nature’s creatures out there capable of not only coexisting with us but protecting us, as well.

Guest Post by Sandra Lancaster

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