Top 3 Must-Have Dog Purchases From AlphaPaw When Getting A New Puppy!

Getting a new puppy is super exciting, there’s nothing like introducing a new little fur baby to the family, but besides cuteness, a puppy comes with a lot of other responsibilities. Establishing all the things a new puppy may need can get to be pretty overwhelming mostly if you’re a beginner. In order to help reduce some of the stress that can arise from a new fur friend, we’ve narrowed down the top-three must haves when getting a new puppy.

Safe Car Ride

Ensuring safety from the get-go is very important. Throughout their life, your pooch will have to sit through at least a few car rides starting with the one that will be taking them to their new home. Making sure to put safety first is crucial, many dog owners look past the fact that their dog could indeed get injured in case of an accident. For puppies and any small breed dog the most efficient safety net for the car is a car safety seat also known as a traveling pooch. 

You’ve guessed it! A traveling pooch is the dog version of a baby’s car seat. It’s made to protect your dog from flying over the center console in case of an accident. It’s designed with a durable basket shaped frame, with two adjustable straps that can be placed either around the headrest or the back of the seat. You’ll also find two adjustable leashes within the seat to maintain the best safety. 


Puppy = Sleep

Besides destroying your shoes, puppies spend the other half of their time sleeping. Just like humans, puppies depend on their sleep to keep their energy levels up and overall maintain good health, this persists throughout their entire life but is most prominent in younger and older years. Knowing how much of an impact sleep has on your pup, it’s important to offer a comfortable and safe space to ensure the best night’s sleep.

It can be difficult to determine which bed to choose, but look no further, the Cozy Calming Bed from AlphaPaw will meet all your needs! This bed is made to benefit not only your pooch but you too! It provides extra comfort and is made to ease anxiety for the best sleep guaranteed! 

This is just the Pawfect bed! 

Starting On the Right Paw

Implementing rules early can be very beneficial to not only you but your puppy as well. Setting boundaries early will drastically simplify the training process. Most dog owners find pawty-training to be the hardest, mostly depending on different living arrangements. Luckily, living in the 21st century has its perks, new carbon technology has been implemented in pee pads to provide a product that includes everything in one. Not only do these pee pads absbord two times more in half the time than regular pee pads, but they also eliminate odors and are leak proof. To help untrained puppies they contain pheromone that helps guide your pooch use the pad correctly and mess free. It’s been nicknamed by many as “The Magical Pad”!

The Pawfect Starter Kit

These items should help get your puppy started on the right paw and overall make your life much easier, leaving much more room for cuddles. 

As the cherry on top of the cake, all of these items can be found in one place, AlphaPaw. This online store carries top-shelf pet products always putting your pet first. 

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