Cooking for Your Dog: Top 4 Homemade Recipes for Your Dog

There are more than 48.2 million dog owners in the United States. Chances are if you’re one of these dog owners, you’ve probably wondered if your pooch gets tired of the same dried, brown pellets day in and day out.

As he sits in the kitchen watching you cook delicious dinners, you feed him the same thing every day for every meal — does he ever get bored?

The answer is yes! Your dog most certainly does get bored with his meals, he just can’t tell you. You need to start cooking for your dog, especially if you haven’t treated him to a different meal in months or even years.

Here are the top 4 homemade recipes you can whip up for your four-legged friend to keep his tail wagging and his tummy satisfied.

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1. Chicken and Rice

It’s time humans start bringing the incredible taste of the classic chicken and rice meal to the dog bowl.

This nutritious recipe for chicken and rice for dogs is made with beneficial supplements like omega fish oil, natural vitamin E, and calcium that promote good canine health.

Easily yield 32-35 cups of premium dog food by essentially mixing together ingredients like real chicken, eggs, white rice, and key supplements. Your dog will go wild over the taste and you’ll go wild about the benefits of optimal nutrition.

2. Crockpot Dog Food

Crank up the crockpot and add the delectably healthy ingredients of carrots, butternut squash, kidney beans, and green beans for this dog food recipe.

After the vegetables have cooked in the pot and softened, scatter them over an appetizing bed of white rice and voila! You’ve got a meal that both you and your pooch can enjoy.

3. Veggie Delight

Spinach? Zucchini? Peas?

You might think “oh, my dog would never eat that!” but you might be surprised to learn how many canines go crazy over this veggie-packed meal.

Go strolling down the produce aisle of the grocery store and then head home to toss in some ground chicken and rice. Your dog will benefit from the nutrients in the vegetables and will beg for more.

4. Bone Stock

Bone stock allows you to use the leftover bones from any chicken, turkey, or other animal and create a treat that supplies essential minerals and calcium to your dog.

Simply fill your crockpot with the bones, cover the bones entirely with water and add 1-2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. Then, let the bones cook for 2-3 days while checking it every day and adding water if necessary.

When it’s finished, blend the product and then drizzle it atop your dog’s food or use it to create other calcium-rich recipes for your dog!

Start Cooking for Your Dog

Your dog doesn’t have to settle for less. He deserves more than just the same old dog food every day.

Now that you know these easy, fun recipes you can get your tail in the kitchen and start cooking for your dog!

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