How to Set Up Your Guppy Fish Tank

The Guppy (Poecilia reticulata) is a stunning variety of aquarium fish. But what do these colorful fish need to thrive? In the end, it fell to set up the fish tank. Once you have the correct setup from Aquarium Source, your guppies will make sure your tank is populated for years to come.


Nitrogen Cycle

Something to consider before you even purchase your guppies- You absolutely need to perform a nitrogen cycle to your tank, before you start anything else at all. This helps make the water habitable for your fish and lets them breathe and thrive without becoming sick. Make sure that you consult your local pet shop to ensure you have the right products and equipment for the job.

Plants and Decorations

When you are planning your tank, be sure to use plenty of live plants. Guppies like having live plants, and some good ones to include are Hornwort or Sword Plants. Of course, it’s mostly personal preference, as Guppies don’t usually need to hide in plants like some other fish do.


By this point, you’re probably wondering what the best substrate for your guppies is. This is actually reasonably subjective, but many people tend to favor sand as they substrate of choice.

Sand is simple and easy to install, and to keep clean for your fish. Additionally, it is also low risk when it comes to taking care of your fish. You are not likely to find a guppy trying to eat it, and then getting it stuck in their mouth or throat. It’s cheap, it’s easy to replace and it doesn’t get that dirty, when you really think about it.

While you can certainly use pebbles if you like, keep in mind that it is a lot harder to keep your tank clean and your Guppies safe if you’re using them. If you do decide to go with rocks, opt for big ones instead of pebbles, so that your Guppies cannot accidently swallow them.


Filtration is a step that should absolutely not get skipped. Some people who own guppies decide against a filtration system, but I don’t recommend that. It is easier to make sure that your fish have clean water (at all times!), and that your fish stay healthy.

Power filters are useful if you’re just starting out, since they are a lot easier to own. That said, almost any filter will do. It doesn’t even have to be particularly powerful in order to keep the tank clean, since guppies are easy in that regards and don’t produce as much waste as some other fish do.

Michele Taylor, expert from Aquariumfish City, believes that it is much better to just invest in the tank, and make sure that your guppies are happy, healthy and well taken care of. After all, it is better to be safe, than sorry.


Guppies typically enjoy lighting that is similar to their natural environment, so lighting in the tank isn’t usually required. Just let your tank get at least twelve hours of natural light, and twelve hours of darkness.

As long as you keep your tank out of direct sunlight, and give your fish time in the dark, they should be happy and healthy. It is important to ensure that your fish get both light and darkness. If you enjoy lighting your aquarium, that is perfectly fine, but stay away from keeping it lit constantly, or it can cause undue stress on your fish.


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