Top 6 Pet Affiliate Programs of 2020

If there is one thing people will always find money to spend on, it’s their pets. If you run a pet blog and are looking for ways to monetize it, you should consider one of the many great pet affiliate programs available.

As there are so many to choose from, though, you may want some help in deciding which is right for you. We have put a list together of what we consider to be the top 6 pet affiliate programs out there right now.

Pet Plate

Pet Plate is a subscription service that provides customers with food for their dogs. One of their unique selling points is that they use human standard ingredients such as choice cuts of meat, fresh veg and fruit, along with important vitamins to make healthy readymade meals for dog owners. As the meals are specifically designed for dogs, this is an affiliate program that will suit blogs and sites with a firm focus or that are fully focused on dogs.

They offer a wide range of subscription plans to meet the needs of dogs and their owner’s budgets. As there is so much variety, this can make creating content easy. You can talk about healthy ingredients and their benefits, which will make promoting this service easy. The main commission offered is $50 per sale.


Dogonit is a small niche program dedicated to dog beds. The dogs they make have orthopedic designs and use memory foam. There are different sizes of beds for your readers to choose from. However, they do not have a large enough inventory of products to create a blog focused solely around their affiliate program. It would be better to target this program as part of a blog covering a wider range of subjects. The commission is 35% for partners, making it one of the best.

However, it could be quite a tricky product to promote and make any sales from.


Another affiliate that supplies healthy food is PupJoy. They offer a wide variety of chew toys and snacks for dogs and there is also the option to invest in subscription boxes. As well as the aforementioned items, they also sell other food and travel-related products and have gift boxes and gift cards that are easy to promote through your blog.

The starting commission is 15% but this can increase to as high as 30% depending on your success. It is important to note that PupJoy is one of the pet programs who are picky about who they accept as affiliates. So, there may be some work and time involved before you can qualify.

Natural Wonder Pet Corp

Not food this time, but Natural Wonder Pet Corp. supplies herbal remedies for dogs and cats that are made from organic ingredients. Their stock includes everything from tick to flea remedies to vitamins and various health items.

Despite the fact they stock other items, it’s their herbal products that are their biggest sellers, especially from an affiliate point of view. You just need to read the list of ailments their products can help to know this is a great partner to align yourself with.

They offer a commission of 15% on their regularly stock products, which is great as their supplements and minerals sell regularly with many customers restocking as necessary.

Pet Affiliate


Petcube is the producer of interactive dog and pet products. With the Petcube Bites item, you can throw a treat for your dog and it provides an excellent way to monitor them while you are at work or otherwise out of the house. It does this thanks to a camera built into it. Although this is a great product, it will be difficult to score as many affiliate sales as some others will. However, with good content and great keywords, it’s possible.

Ollie Pets Inc.

Another meal subscription service, this features customized dog food that has been devised for individual dogs. You give them information about a dog, and they work out the best food plan. Per sale, the flat fee for the commission is $75. Which is quite generous compared to some of the alternatives.

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