What Constitutes an Effective Supplement for Pets?

Pet supplements are designed to improve the overall health and wellness of animals. They can include a wide range of antioxidants, probiotics, nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. Pet owners typically administer supplements to aid in cognitive function, guard against inflammation, and increase the lifespan of their beloved fur babies. The market for pet supplements is already worth billions of dollars and growing at a steady clip. Before giving any supplements to pets, it’s important to validate whether they are safe, efficacious, and necessary.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) unequivocally states that all the nutritional needs of pets are met with a balanced diet. However, pet parents who personally prepare meals for their pets may need to provide supplements for whatever is missing. To this end, it is strongly recommended to seek expert advice from a nutritionist or veterinarian. Excess intake of vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and other elements can be detrimental. For example, excessive amounts of vitamin A, vitamin D, or calcium can create a cornucopia of serious problems for your pets.

Different Types of Supplements for Pets 

If a pet is already taking prescribed medication, supplementing with OTC products can be dangerous. Happy, healthy, and well-balanced pets who are not on any supplements invariably don’t need any. Of course, hyperactive, anxious, or seemingly aggressive pets can certainly benefit from a professional diagnosis. Often, problematic behavior is attributed to past trauma, lack of socialization, or low self-confidence. Fortunately, a hands-on approach to dealing with difficult pets in addition to a balanced diet and supplementation can be of great benefit.

Tempo & Tails pet products produce organic, non-GMO, US-grown, and manufactured pet supplements. Designed expressly for cats and dogs, this company’s range of products includes daily CBD oil for small, medium, and large dogs, and chicken & hemp seed CBD treats. 

While scientific studies on this particular topic are limited, pet parents have reported favorably regarding the effects of cannabinoid supplements on their pets. Among others, they produce an anti-anxiety effect, stimulate appetite, and have anti-inflammatory properties. There is no conclusive scientific backing of these claims, save what parents have reported. A dosing chart for CBD products for pets has not been approved by the FDA. For this reason, it’s always best to start with a low-dose regimen of these supplements and gradually find the right balance over time. Given the glut of products on the market, it’s best to choose a high-quality CBD product to have the best chance of success.

What to Look for with CBD Products for Pets?

‘ConsumerLab’ is a watchdog authority that routinely tests the ingredients in human and pet supplements and certifies products accordingly. It is safe to say that the vast majority of pet supplement manufacturers fail the litmus test compared to their human equivalents – so says the president of the company, Dr. Cooperman. It’s always best to select a pet supplement provider that actually cares about the ingredients they are including in their products. Objective in-house studies or external commissioned studies are always an encouraging sign. Any bold assertions should immediately raise red flags. No supplement cures cancer, reverses arthritis, or repairs border collie eye anomaly. If it sounds too good to be true, disregard it.

The reputation of the seller is sacrosanct. Gather information on the company through objective reviews on third-party websites. Word-of-mouth is an excellent indicator for determining whether the manufacturer produces quality supplements. The ingredients should always be checked against dangerous or prohibited foodstuffs for pets. For example, chocolate, garlic, xylitol, even dairy products can have serious side effects. 

The Canine Health Foundation funded a clinical trial that studied cannabidiol for treating drug-resistant epilepsy in dogs. Given that CBD products can have anticonvulsant properties, they are a natural alternative to the unacceptable side effects of antiepileptic medication. Many similar studies are currently being commissioned into the health and wellness benefits of CBD supplements. When the right supplements are administered in the right doses, pets can certainly benefit. 

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