What positive influence animals can bring in the workplace?

The workplace can be stressful at times and this can reduce the productivity of workers. For employers, a reduction in productivity means more investment with little to zero profits. So, how can employers ensure the workplace is a stress-free environment? Well, introduce pets in the workplace. It is that simple, and here are a few ways animals can help bring positive influence in the workplace.

They can help relieve stress

The workplace can get stressful at times. With deadlines to beat, pressure from a manager, and one’s quest to grow in their career, it is possible to suffer from severe stress. When someone suffers from stress, their productivity levels reduce. These people will not be good team players, they will not meet their deadlines, and will have high rates of absenteeism. Also, they have a high chance of erring while in the workplace. Imagine a scenario where a doctor with a lot of stress is prescribing drugs for you. Chances are high that you will end up with the wrong drugs.

While suffering from stress, seeing those we love (could be our friends or our pets) or care about often helps to relieve stress. For employers, therefore, allowing your employees to bring their dogs at work may not be a bad thing. One may end up seeing a positive change in the employees’ spirits.

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Can boost employee performance

When we see a familiar face, it always lifts our spirits. Well, why not borrow from this and allow employees to have a familiar face at work as well? Employers spend a lot of money trying to improve the performance of their employees. They hold seminars, invite speakers (they pay by the hour), and conduct training throughout the year. These cost money. But why spend all this money when working full time with a dog enhances the performance of your employees? Wise employers are trying to implement policies that will make use of this piece of information.

Aside from the above, studies show that employees who come with pets at work do not have high rates of absenteeism. If you are combining work and study and instead of thinking “who will write my dissertation for me“, or “who will feed my pet” they can save time and work longer hours. Well, if you think about it, when you have your pet at work, you do not have to rush home to let it out. So, it will not be a problem if you stay an hour late.

Bring about positive social interactions

Pets are adorable, and having them in the workplace can help promote positive social interactions. When employers honor the request of their employees to have pets around, they help to boost morale. The interpretation of this action by a majority of employees will be that their employer values their wellbeing. So, there will be a change in the mood of the employees as many will interpret the employer’s actions as being supportive of his/her employees.

Great communication, as well as teamwork, are factors that are as a result of positive social interactions. Positive social interactions mean that people get along well, communicate well, and work together in peace. So, why would an employer refuse to pay the price of allowing office pets if they lead to such an environment? It is a small price to pay and the results will help ensure the company remains profitable in the long-term.

Why people fear dogs

There are several reasons why there could be some problems when employers allow pets in the workplace. First of all, there is the issue of allergies. Some people are allergic to dog hair and can develop complications in a matter of minutes. Others fear dogs and may not be able to work in an environment that allows dogs within the premises. Experts from Essay Kitchen indicate that there is also the issue of drawing up a pet policy. This will take a lot of time and require some of the company’s resources. Also, what if a dog bites an employee? What happens then? So, issues of insurance also come up and help to showcase why people fear dogs in the workplace.

Aside from the above, jobs that allow pets have to contend with the fact that pets could damage equipment in the workplace. It is a good idea to allow pets in the workplace. However, it is crucial to consider these reasons as well before implementing a pet policy.

You can save a lot by having a pet

Today, there are daycare agencies for pets. There are also agencies that offer walking services as well. To have your pet enjoy these services, one will have to part with a lot of money. So, introducing a taking a dog to work day policy can help employees save a lot of money.

In conclusion, having pets in the workplace is a great idea. Employees will be happier, stress-free, and develop positive social interactions. However, before implementing a pet policy, one may have to consider the downside of the idea as well.

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