What to Feed a Dog with Acute Diarrhea? 

Diarrhea is the most common health condition among dogs. The dog owners are often left scratching their heads as to what to feed their dogs when suffering from diarrhea. Dog owners are well aware of the fact that their furry friend usually eats things they shouldn’t, and it is the primary cause of dog diarrhea and upset stomach. The diet, age, and food habits of your dog would decide how often your dog suffers from diarrhea. In case the dog diarrhea is chronic and doesn’t go even after 48 hours, consulting with a veterinarian is a must to ensure that the health condition of your dog doesn’t get any worse. 

Here, we would discuss some of the typical food that you can give your dog when suffering from diarrhea. It would help in inducing faster recovery and providing your pet dog with that much-needed relief. 

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White Rice

It is one of the most common foods recommended by vets for dog diarrhea. It provides relief from dehydration and diarrhea while ensuring the body gets a sufficient amount of energy to function. Moreover, white rice is easy to digest, and the digestive system doesn’t have to try too hard to digest it. The high-fiber content of white rice helps in eliminating the signs of diarrhea and normalizing bowel movements. 

Boiled Chicken Meat

Shred the boneless chicken and cook it thoroughly before serving it to your dog. Combining and serving chicken and white rice in the ratio of one part to three parts would help your dog get back the energy and the strength it lost during diarrhea. It is highly recommended in the dogs that have been vomiting heavily during diarrhea. 


Veterinarians highly recommend pumpkin for dogs suffering from an upset stomach and diarrhea. It has high contents of water and soluble fiber that absorbs water in the digestive tract to ensure the consistency of stool gets back to normal. The bowel movements are normalized after adding pumpkin to the meal for a couple of days. The digestive system, even in its weak state during diarrhea, digests pumpkin with ease.

Mashed Potatoes

Potatoes are high in vitamin content and fiber and recommended during diarrhea. However, potatoes shouldn’t be a regular part of the diet as it contains a high amount of sugar and starch as well that can lead to weight gain. The high-fiber content in mashed potatoes helps in cleaning up the GI tract and providing relief from diarrhea. Moreover, most of the dogs love mashed potatoes. 

Boiled Egg

Eggs contain a lot of vitamins and proteins that are essential for the overall health and well-being of the dog. The dogs suffer from weakness and loss of essential nutrients from the body during diarrhea that needs to be replaced. Giving your dog boiled eggs would help in replenishing the lost nutrients. Do remember that the boiled egg you serve your dog mustn’t have salt or any other seasonings and must be mixed with rice before consumption. Raw eggs must not be given to dogs as it can lead to food poisoning, a stomach infection, and salmonella. 

These are the few most commonly recommended foods that you can give to your dog when it’s suffering from diarrhea. However, the food alone cannot be the remedy of diarrhea, as dogs need to stay hydrated and take proper rest as well during this period. It is what would help in faster recovery. If nothing seems to be working, and the condition of your dog continues to go down the hill, take your dog to the vet immediately.

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