Top 4 Most Popular Pet & Guard Dogs

Having a dog in your life can be very rewarding. They are some of the most loyal animals known to man and are also reliable in tasks that they are taught to do. Like any pets, they require time, care, and affection. Dogs, especially, will give back to you what you have given to them by giving all their time and attention to you. They will love and protect you with their lives and will care for you the best way they know how.

There are many types of canines in the world. Some are big and some are small. Some are cute while others may be ugly. But what is common among them all is their love for their humans. Whether it is a pit bull or a poodle, it is always loyal to their owners who care for them and love them also. These animals reciprocate their owner’s love tenfold and as long as you are not an abusive pet owner, these canines will live their lives to please you.

Dogs are one of the smartest animals on the planet. They are teachable and trainable. They can do a lot of tasks if taught and stick to what they are trained to do. A lot of dogs are trained to become service dogs and from time immemorial, dogs have always assisted their human owners in so many ways.

Popular Pet & Guard Dogs

The Alaskan malamute and the Siberian husky are dogs that are used to pull sleds in Alaska and other areas where there is a lot of snow. Because of their strength, intelligence, and resistance to cold, they are effective in pulling sleds and bringing their passengers across snowy plains even in rough conditions. The German shepherds, on the other hand, are used to gather, protect, and keep the sheep at bay. They are responsible for making sure that the sheep do not run astray where they alert their owners whenever the wolves are around. Click here to learn more about other tasks that canines do.

Nowadays, dogs are getting trained to assist people in daily activities. Some are trained to assist people with disabilities like the blind and the cripple. They guide their blind owners and others protect them from threats. Dogs also help by moving their crippled humans to where they want to be. Moreover, some are trained to comfort humans when they are anxious or sad while others are trained to sniff out drugs, bombs, and any kind of unwanted things.

One of the oldest tasks of dogs that are still expected of many of them until now is that of guarding their humans and their properties. A lot of canines are trained all over the world to protect and guard against thieves and other intruders that can be a threat to their owners. Because this is a very specific task, there are canines that are best suitable for this type of task.

Here are the top 4 pet and guard dogs:


The Bullmastiff is one of the big dog breeds. They are not just large but they are also very strong as they clearly are very muscular. One of the things that people notice first about a Bullmastiff is its muscular arms shoulder and chest that can even be quite intimidating if you are not used to this breed of dog. They are truly strong and powerful but they are also hypersensitive. They can sense and smell danger easily and that makes them the perfect guard dog for a family.

This dog breed is also very affectionate to their owners and their families which makes them very protective. Because of their protective instinct, this breed does not need a lot of training in guarding but you can give it special training for specific reactions to certain threats. This dog can easily overpower and neutralize any intruder and you will definitely feel safe having one around to protect your family.

Doberman pinscher

The Dobermann or the Doberman pinscher is one of the most famous guards for households. They are a medium to large-sized animals and they are best known for their agility. Since they are not heavy-footed and stand on their pads, they can move, run, and react very fast. With this, they can protect your household from threats swiftly and effectively.

The Doberman pinscher is commonly trimmed in the ears to make them stand which makes them look more intimidating. This is now discouraged but some still do it to deter possible intruders from entering. With their trimmed ears, they look like what Cerberus, the hound of hades, would look like.

Popular Pet and Guard Dogs


The Rottweiler was originally a dog used in helping with livestock and carrying meat for butchers. They are medium to large-sized hounds and can easily carry things for their humans. They are very devoted and protective making them the perfect guards for your family. They also have a habit of keeping an eye out all the time making them the perfect pets to help in guarding your children.

However, this breed is aloof to people they do not know and takes some time to be introduced. They can also become aggressive to strangers so it is best to have the right equipment to keep them restrained when bringing them out to the public. You can buy many types of equipment and check sites like Pets Pest – everything you need for your pet, to help you decide on which equipment to choose.

German shepherd

This canine is fearless and bold. They are willing to give their lives to protect their owners. They are loyal and affectionate which are perfect as pets and guards at the same time. They are considered as one of the smartest breeds of dog and also one of the most reliable. They are both agile and strong and can neutralize aggressors and intruders easily.

Having a guard dog is very important in keeping you and your family safe from thieves, intruders, and aggressors.  But having a guard dog who is a pet at the same time is priceless. The loyalty and protectiveness of these canines are incomparable. Having one can be one of the best decisions and investments in your life.

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