CBD Oil for Dogs: What Is It and What Does It Do?

We are in the middle of a health revolution, and CBD is fueling it. For years, the draconian laws surrounding cannabis and its associated products held back the potential healing power of the magnificent plant. Now, however, people are finally learning about and utilizing the medicinal benefits of CBD and other marijuana derivatives.

According to houseofcoco, it is not just humans who could stand to benefit from CBD. One recent trend we have seen CBD companies promoting is CBD products aimed at dogs. Yes, it seems like even our furry friends can get in on the act with CBD!

These CBD products aimed at dogs spark several questions, like what exactly is it, and what does it do? We will provide a quick overview of CBD oil for dogs over the next few sections to introduce the topic. For more in-depth information on CBD oil for dogs, or anything CBD-related, we recommend you visit Marijuanabreak.

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What Is CBD?

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is one of the two main active ingredients in cannabis that gives the plant the majority of its effects. You may have heard of the other main active ingredient, THC.

Cannabis consumption provides a whole range of effects, and scientists have reason to believe that either THC or CBD cause almost all of these. THC predominantly affects the mind. It makes users feel everything typically associated with that “high” buzz, such as feeling happy, euphoric, and hungry.

CBD affects the body in different ways. It mainly focuses on bodily functions such as the immune system and inflammation. CBD works on the endocannabinoid system, and this is tied into so many physical processes that CBD could have potentially hundreds of benefits, and not just for humans!

What Is CBD Oil for Dogs?

Simply put, CBD oil for dogs is precisely that. It is CBD that has been extracted from a hemp plant in the same way as it would be for a product aimed at human consumption, but instead, it has been used to create something for dogs.

What Does CBD Oil Do to Dogs?

As with humans, the list of ailments that CBD could potentially help in dogs is long and ever-growing. Currently, it is mainly used to help dogs with arthritis or joint pain.

As well as this, CBD could also help your little fuzzball with easing feelings of nausea, anxiety, stress, and general aches and pains. Indeed, some CBD producers promote their CBD for dogs based on its use for dogs who suffer from separation anxiety or are particularly aggressive. They claim it will help ease these issues.

One other area currently being investigated is CBD’s effectiveness in treating seizures in dogs. This is still a relatively new avenue of treatment, though.

Unfortunately, there currently is not a vast amount of scientific research to back up the effectiveness of using CBD to treat any conditions in dogs. Investigations into CBD and other marijuana products have been held up for years. We are only just starting to catch up to where it should be in humans, let alone dogs. Studies into using CBD as a possible treatment for animals are even further behind, but they are being conducted as we speak. It is only a matter of time before research reaches the levels it should be.

How Can Dogs Take CBD Oil? 

Anyone with a dog knows just how difficult it can be to get a canine to take any medication. Whenever the vet prescribes some pills, you often have a daily battle of wits, trying to hide one tiny capsule in the middle of a big ball of food, only to find it somehow spat out by your four-legged companion.

One of the benefits of CBD oil for dogs is the relative ease in which you can get your pet to consume it. You can administer CBD oil in pure oil form, either by squirting a drop into their mouths under the tongue or by mixing a few droplets with their food or drink.

Another option is to buy CBD oil that has been infused into a topical and then just rub it in. No dog is going to turn down a vigorous rubbing, so this proves to be a popular option for both owner and pet alike.

The easiest and most popular option is dog biscuits infused with CBD oil, though. It’s a tasty treat that’s also doing Fido some good at the same time.

Final Thoughts on CBD Oil for Dogs 

Anyone who has ever had a pet knows that they are a full part of your family. And just like any other member of your family, if they are in distress or pain, you will do anything to help. Currently, there isn’t a tremendous amount of research to back up the use of CBD in treating dogs, but it can’t do them any harm.

Studies are continually being conducted which are furthering our understanding of CBD, how it works, and its possible benefits. It seems inevitable that soon, we will find the results that show just how beneficial CBD can be for dogs. In the meantime, if you could help ease the suffering of your pet, would you want to miss out on that? CBD is definitely worth a try.

This article gives a bit of an introduction to CBD oil for dogs, but there is much more information available on this topic and anything else CBD or medical marijuana related on Marijuanabreak. Go check it out; it really is the internet’s best CBD resource.

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