Where Do Wolves Live | Wolf Habitat and Distribution

Wolves are known to make homes in a wide variety of habitats such as forests, deserts, woodlands, tundra, and grasslands. Their habitat range is largely determined by the amount of prey available. As they fancy preying on ungulates so the given habitat must provide these medium sized mammals for a single pack of wolf. Sadly enough wolves are becoming rare in much of the major habitats of the world.

Where Do Wolves Live


Gray wolves once occupied much of the habitat range in North America to as far south to central Mexico. It also made homes in Eurasia such as Sinai peninsula but is absent from the southern third of India and southern portions of Southeast Asia. The wolves are becoming a rare species in United States except that there is an isolated population in northern Rockies and northern Minnesota. Authorities have introduced certain Mexican wolves in New Mexico in the U.S.

Gray wolves had also gone extinct in most of Western Europe in by 1750. Iberian peninsula, south central Norway, and the Apennines hosts three small populations of wolves. They have also been wiped out from the eastern two-thirds of China.

An Ethiopian wolf makes home in habitats like treeless areas above 9,843 ft (3,000 m), in Afro-alpine habitat.

Maned wolf lives in a variety of habitats outside the rainforest. Thanks to their long legs they have adapted to living in the pampas and grasslands. It also likes to live in mixed farming regions and will actively hunt in lightly wooded areas.

where do wolves live
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Wolves occur in great strengths in areas where ungulates are abundant. Presently they are spread all over the Arctic ice flows and Sinai desert and occupy every habitat in between.

Ethiopian wolf is known to live in seven small areas, two south and five north of the Rift Valley in Ethiopia.

Maned wolves are found in the southern two-third lands of Brazil. It also lives as far south and west into Uruguay, eastern Bolivia, Paraguay, and northern Argentina.

The modern range of wolves is limited to Alaska and Canada with an isolated population is also found in northern Wisconsin, Minnesota, Oregon, and Washington, and Montana. Canada alone hosts 52,000 – 60,000 wolves. Alaska is home to about 6,000 – 7,000 individuals.

There are around 300 – 600 wolves living in Saudi Arabia. According to reports there are some populations of wolves in the northern regions of Afghanistan and Pakistan. Reports also suggest that the Jammu and Kashmir hosts 300 wolves. There are 800 – 3,000 scattered all over India.

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