How to Prepare and Pass Cisco CCNA Data Center Certification with PrepAway Dumps

IT certification exams are known to be tough. Candidates push themselves hard during exam preparation in hopes to pass their tests with flying colors. As we all know, IT exams provide a sure way to assess the candidate’s experience and knowledge in a particular area of specialization. One of such exams is Cisco 200-150 DCICN, the test which is created for the candidates who want to prove their mastery in Data Center Networking.

The aim of this post is to tell you more about Cisco 200-150 exam as well as ways of achieving a pass result in this test with PrepAway. So, why would you sit for this exam in the first place? Cisco 200-150 and 200-155 exams are two assessments that you need to pass in order to achieve the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) Data Center certification. This associate-level credential is nothing else than your lucky ticket into the IT industry! So, if your goal is to become a sought-after professional specializing in Cisco products, then CCNA Data Center is a perfect choice.

Below we will discuss the details of 200-150 exam, but before we start, let’s talk about the forthcoming changes in the Cisco credential program.

Important Cisco exam information

From 24th February 2020, candidates won’t be able to sit for some Cisco exams. The company is planning to retire a large number of certification exams including 200-150. The last day to take this test is 23rd February 2020. The retirement will be followed by a new CCNA credential that you will be able to earn by taking only one test. All the current CCNA certifications will retire and be replaced by this single associate credential.

If you are already studying to sit for your Cisco 200-150 DCICN test, there’s no cause for worry. You still have time until the last day before retirement to pass it. Now, let’s return to our 200-150 exam and its structure.


Cisco Certifications

Topics to cover for Cisco 200-150 exam

Studying a list of exam topics is an integral part of preparation.Candidates need to know what areas of expertise need to cover. Cisco 200-150 exam includes the following topics:

  • Physical infrastructure of data center
  • Basic networking concepts of data center
  • Advanced networking concepts of data center
  • Data center basic storage
  • Data center advanced storage

Exam structure and cost

Candidates will be sitting for a 90-minute exam with 55-65 questions.Exam 200-150 is currently available in English only.Once you complete the test, you’ll receive a report showing your score and a breakdown of your performance in each exam section. This is when you’ll know whether you passed or failed your exam. Note that Cisco doesn’t normally publish minimum scores for their tests. Anyone intending to take 200-150 exam must pay a registration fee of $300.

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Preparing for 200-150 exam with PrepAway

When you think about how to find the best study resources and ensure that you cover all the necessary exam topics, you need to visit the PrepAway website. This platform offers a wide range of tools that you can use to be fully armed. The training options offered by PrepAway include practice tests, video courses, and eBooks. These materials will help you get the required knowledge as well as familiarize yourself with the exam structure.

With practice tests, you get to experience a testing environment that is almost identical to the real exam setting.Practice tests from PrepAway contain realistic questions covering the content of 200-150 exam. This is exactly the material that will allow you to train your memory and develop your own successful test-taking strategy. PrepAway dumps have been created, verified, and updated by experts, so you don’t have to worry about their quality. You only have to practice with the help of a testing engine that enables you to open the questions. And one more thing: at PrepAway, you can get free access to the latest downloadable VCE 200-150 exam testing files.

Speaking of books, PrepAway study guide will grant you a study experience like no other. Read through the topics until you fully understand the content, wherever and whenever you want. Remember to take handwritten notes, as this will improve your ability to remember the content of the exam and recall it when necessary.

Other important exam study tools

Training courses can greatly contribute to your success in the exam. Attending classes whether offline or online is a reliable way to expand your knowledge of Data Center concepts. Cisco has instructor-led and e-Learning classes that you can depend on. The lessons, hands-on labs, and exercises included in these classes promise to deliver the best to you. These are the courses and labs designed for your exam preparation needs:

  • Classroom Training: Introducing Cisco Data Center Networking
  • E-Learning: Introducing Cisco Data Center Networking
  • Cisco Virtual Labs
  • Cisco Modelling Labs

Another way to get excellent marks in your Cisco 200-150 exam is by connecting with other exam candidates. You can communicatewith your fellow test-takers through study groups and exam discussion communities. The study group is the right place to ask questions, share personal experiences and ideas, and read what the rest are saying about the exam. The CCNA Data Center Study Group is the best for this purpose.


Achieving a passing score in Cisco 200-150 exam will not be easy.You have to work for it by investing in multiple prep resources. Study every time you get a chance, but don’t forget to relax your brain sometimes. Good luck with passing 200-150 and 200-155 exams!

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