4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Going to a Local Dog Boarding

So, you’ve maybe booked your dream holiday or maybe you are still in the process of dreaming about your dream holiday! It is certainly something to look forward to and if we have no ties, we are free to go. Since a large number of us have pets such as dogs, they will usually have to be accommodated, unless you are planning a local vacation to which our dog could be invited.

Accommodating our dog is always a concern, after all he / she is more than likely a huge part of our family circle. The thought of putting our dog in a kennel, for most of us, evokes a poor picture in our minds. We may think of our pooch being trapped for a fortnight in a cage like structure with very little room for manoeuvre.

It certainly would make a difference to our own peace of mind and as such our own holiday plans if we could be assured that our dog was having a bit of a holiday too and certainly if you pick the correct local dog boarding facility, you can be assured of that. For those of us who live in and around the Benton area of Louisiana, a facility such as Shreveport Bossier Dog Boarding can offer boarding for your dog with a difference, so why should you consider a local facility such as this? 


It is important for an owner to rest in the thought that their dog has space and freedom to run around, it is not every facility that would offer this. It is unpleasant to think that the holiday that you and your family are about to embark on is likely to leave your dog miserable and restricted. This local facility offers quite the opposite, with your dog being allowed to roam freely in a considerable acreage of land with few restrictions.

Love and Care

A facility such as this is run by dog lovers who understand the love and care that your dog needs in your absence. It is important for you to have the assurance that your dog will be cared for by professionals who truly understand the nature of your dog, in a loving and nurturing environment.

Health Care

A local facility which can offer a bespoke service to your dog, understanding that all dogs have their needs and that includes health needs too. An environment where that is a priority is important and any health concerns can be picked up at an early stage by vigilant staff.


As with any local facility, reputation is important and so you can be assured of a first class service, anything less would result in a poor local working relationship for the facility and as such, survival time for the business could be limited, so going local can be to your advantage. Another reason to going local would be to support a local business in your area and also for your dog, a distance which is not too far to travel.  

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