Saber Tooth Tiger Facts | Saber Tooth Tiger Habitat & Diet

Saber tooth tiger facts take you back to thousands of years ago. Saber tooth tiger (Smilodon) is an extinct animal that belonged to the genus Machairodonts. The animal was native to North and South America. The study of history hold out that saber tooth animal existed some ten thousand years ago in the Pleistocene era

Saber tooth Tiger Facts

The upper canines of the saber tooth tiger was 30 cm (12 inches). One of the heaviest tiger species lived in those times was Smilodon Populator that weighed even 500 kilograms (1,100 lb).This was by far the largest tiger specie ever lived. The strong legs together with mighty jaws as well as robust neck gave an unmistakable look to these big cats. These Smilodons had been known for their two bigger teeth that could easily be seen in the saber tooth tiger picture. This kind of tiger had shoulders greater than its hips. The two long canines did not come into play while hunting down the prey since they would more likely to break as a result. These two canines were flimsy.

saber tooth tiger - saber tooth tiger facts

Saber Tooth Tiger

What Did Saber Tooth Tiger Eat?

The study of saber tooth tiger facts about its diet and hunting show that these animals normally preyed on deer, buffalo, antelopes, camels, ground sloths, bison, and tapirs. They had also been known to hunt mammoths and mastodons. Smilodons had also killed quite a few humans even though there is little or no evidence to support whatsoever.

Saber Tooth Tiger Habitat Facts

Saber tooth tigers were mostly found in those areas where they could easily find their prey which mainly consisted of herbivores (plant eating animals). So the habiatat of these tigers included vast grasslands, shrubby areas and pine forests where they could easily find their prey. Fossils record suggests that they also lived in icy lands as they lived during the period which was the end of the Dinousaurs and during the Ice Age.

Saber tooth Tiger Extinction

Saber tooth tiger had become extinct around 10,000 B.C. Apart from other possible causes for their extinction; prehistoric humans would have been supposedly responsible for the absolute extermination of smilodon. Some biologists maintain that the arrival of ice age which changed the vegetation pattern for these animals caused extinction. Biologists found some fossils that pronounce that saber tooth tigers were not tigers at all; rather they had been related to the family of tigers.


  • Smilodon gracilis (2,500,000 – 500,000 years ago), Weight 55 – 100 kg (120 – 220 lb)
  • Smilodon fatalis (1,600,000 – 10,000 years ago), Weight 160 – 280 kg (350 – 620 lb)

Smilodon populator (1,000,000 – 10,000 years ago), Weight 360 – 470 kg (790 – 1,000 lb); Length 2.6 metres (100 inches); Shoulder Height 1.40 metres (55 inches

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