Nestled in all the four continents, badger is an exciting little creature and badger facts for kids are therefore something worth reading. With a weight ranges from 4 kilograms to 12 kilograms, they are extremely swift while breaking up the earth and also quite sturdy as well. These animals possess very spiky nails and a spade-like skull. Badgers possess tiny legs having tanned fleece over them and a wooly little tail. Besides, they fancy permeable earth and that’s why they typically carve out deep burrows known as ‘setts’.

Top 11 Badger Facts For Kids

  • Badgers do not have a good vision, though their ability to get a whiff of something and hearing sense is great.
  • Though once in a while, a Ferret Badger takes a nap on the trees.
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  • A badger is capable to sprint for almost 30 km within one hour.
  • They can force relatively larger mammals away like wolf, coyote and bear.
  • In order to put his adversary off his stride, Palawan as well as Indonesian Stink Badgers usually sprays a foul fluid from their glands. It is obvious from the name they’ve had.
  • There was a cock-and-bull story that you will depart in next to no time when a badger stops off facing you and begins to dig the earth.
  • Like many other carnivores, badgers are also a part of one of the biggest families of carnivore i.e. Mustelidae.
  • Badgers are nocturnal animals and are also omnivorous. Typically these animals gobble hundreds of earthworms in darkness.
  • Like humans, badgers are also quite social in their behavior and these creatures fancy living in groups under the burrows. They form deep setts that are mainly constructed due to the efforts of parents and children both. That’s why few burrows are usually hundreds of years old.
  • Male badgers are known as boar while females are known as sow.
  • The cubs are typically visionless and their eyesight begins to develop as they become 4 to 6 weeks old.

A Quick Guide To Badger Facts For Kids

Scientific Name: Meles meles

Usual Names: Eurasian or European Badger

Family: Mustelidae

Number of Species: 11

Type: Mammals

Life span: Four to ten years

Status: Threatened

Color: White, brown and black

Predators: People, Wild cats and Eagles

Habitat: North America (Great Plains), Europe, Asia, Africa, Western province of Canada, elevated Alpine fields, sea waters, open meadows and fields

Maximum Speed: 30 km/h

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Diet: Kangaroo rats, voles, frogs, little reptiles and mammals, seeds, pocket gophers, prairie dogs, berries, earthworms, young bugs, ground squirrels, moles, deer mice, marmots, carrion, rattlesnakes, rabbits, fruits, roots

Tidbits On Badgers Facts For Kids

With the intention of controlling TB among cattle, a license is going to be released in September, 2012 in UK. Though there was a significant pressure from animal welfare groups for not to issue such license and they are continually countering the issue of license for pilot cull of badgers. However, farmers are of the opinion that these badgers distribute the illness among their farm animals. As per the Badgers Trust reports, more or less 40,000 animals were expired due to badger’s cull and therefore application of this vaccine becomes indispensable.

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