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Cats are by far one of the biggest carnivorous mammals and therefore cat facts for kids are quite interesting to read. There is a long list of carnivores that fall within the category of cats including tigers, panthers, lions, jaguars, cheetahs, pumas and leopards. Some of these are quite big weighing nearly 250 kilograms while others are really undersized weighing almost 25 kilograms. These creatures exist throughout the planet not including Greenland, Australia, Antarctica and Madagascar. Typically, cats refer to the domestic cats that we come across each day as they are often domesticated keeping them their loving behavior. Let’s check it out one of the most appealing cat facts for kids.

Top 33 Interesting Cat Facts For Kids

  • Cats have four toes at the rear paws while five toes at the front paws.
  • Baby cats are known as ‘kittens’ and they often do not open their eyes until 9 days from their birth. The initial color of baby’s eyes is blue and varies as it reaches few months old.

  • Cats do not have eyelashes.
  • Cat is not able to witness things right under its nose and due to which little crumbs usually gets away with the eyes of these animals.
  • There are quite a few white cats with blue eyes that are unable to hear while those having orange eyes can hear.
  • Cats have this capacity to bounce far above the ground at 7 times their own height.
  • As you generally observe cats leaping very high and landing easily on the ground, this is mainly due to the power of their footpads taking in all the jolts that may arise as a result of dive.
  • A female cat gets heavy with child within 2 months.
  • Surprisingly, most of the cats not getting any younger are prone to have cancer.
  • Unlike humans, cats have a need of fat which they fulfill solely through their food intake.
  • Chocolate may be sweet and mouthwatering for humans, but not for cats. It is highly toxic for them.
  • Normally each cat gobbles around 5 mice or corresponding amount of food.
  • Like humans, cats also possess blood groups AB.
  • You may have come across few persons who are really hypersensitive to cats. That’s because these persons are actually sensitive to their spit or saliva which can be easily avoided if cats have bath on a regular basis.


  • A veterinarian must wipe cats’ teeth at least one time on annual basis because they cause to undergo dental problems if not spruced up properly.
  • African Wild Cat is the grandparent of all these cats.
  • You know there was a time in ancient Egypt when if you slay a cat, it was considered such a big offense that they would give you a death penalty.
  • In the course of Festival of Saint John (Middle Ages), people used to burn up several cats while they were breathing in Town Squares.
  • Cats have very strange abilities and sometimes you feel that if you leave a cat somewhere far off your residence, even then he shows up. That’s because the nature has bestowed these little creatures with a wonderful bionetwork clock. With the help of this clock, magnetic field of the Earth and the precise face of the sun, cats are able to track down their dwelling or destination where they came from. However if you leave your home then it’s not possible for a cat to locate you. Isn’t it one of the amazing cat facts for kids?

  • Typically cats nod off for about 18 hours every day but they are not inattentive while asleep.
  • Since a tap water contains chlorine so it hurts various delicate sections of the cat. Therefore it’s best to let the tap water down for about 1 day and then allow him to sip.
  • Abraham Lincoln, the American President domesticated 4 cats in the White House because he stuck on them. One of the funniest cat facts for kids is that even though Napoleon, Julius Ceasar and Charles XI were quite courageous but scared of these little creatures.
  • Another one of the amazing cat facts for kids is that domestic cats are the only species among the entire class that keep their tails in an upright posture during strolling whereas the rest always keeps their tails straight. Likewise, if a cat is keeping its tail fixed in an upright position, it means he is in high spirits. This tail is very essential for a cat to keep himself in equilibrium. That’s why around 10 percent of bones are present in it.
  • Unlike humans, you can feel the pulse of a cat by touching the inner part of their back leg thigh and 150 beats/min are considered natural.
  • All the cats growl except Jaguars.
  • Likewise, all cats can fold its claws except Cheetahs.
  • Cats can run at a speed of almost 50 km/h.
  • One of the astonishing cat facts for kids is that in ancient Egypt where there was a lot of respect for cats at the time, as a cat departs, each member of the family circle use to trim his/her eyebrows for the sake of grief.
  • The whiskers of a cat are extremely useful for him to navigating and locating the area around him (just like our radar system).
  • A cat strolls on his toes.
  • In every minute, a cat takes almost 30 to 40 breaths.
  • A cat answers back at once from the terms that ends with ‘ee’ voice.
  • When you observe a cat is quivering, it means he is in excruciating pain.

A Quick Guide To Cat Facts For Kids

Scientific Name: Felis Catus

Family: Felidae

Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Chordata

Class: Mammalia

Order: Carnivora

Number of Species: 88

Average Life span: 3-4 years (wild cats), 13-20 years (domestic cats)

Status: Endangered

Predators: Vehicles, bobcats, dogs, cougar, lynx, birds of prey, coyotes, eagle, foxes, raccoons,

Diet: Fish, chicken, UHT milk, lamb, turkey, rabbit and any other meat

Maximum Speed: 50 km/h

Tidbits On Cat Facts For Kids

  • In USA, around 4,000,000 cats are bound to live in housings and more or less 70 percent amongst them are euthanized. Having cat diapers is the most feasible option in cases your cat is getting scared of litter box or perhaps due to some other inadequate discharge.
  • September 20, 2012 | According to a recent study, a gene which is responsible to yielding murky stripes on the body of tabby cats are the same gene that creates murky spots on cheetahs too.
  • September 23, 2012 | (Stellarton, New Glasgow) a continual increase in population of feral cats remains a problematic issue in Pictou County. However one of the nearby dwellers happened to assist the cat colony in order to get rid of this issue. To this point, Margie Garland (who is a popular fan of animals) has managed to obtain $445, adopted 5 cats in her dwelling and sprayed, neutered 6 in cat colony.
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