Do Frogs Have Teeth and How Many Maxillary Teeth Do Frogs Have

You might be wondering do frogs have teeth. Well, not all frogs have teeth but some species are carnivorous and have sharp teeth. According to a latest study, the lower-jaw teeth in frogs are believed to have been re-evolved after 200 million years. There are around 6,000 frog species amongst which the South American Gastrotheca guentheri is the only species that have teeth in its upper and lower jaw. Mostly, frogs have teeth at its upper jaw only. A latest analysis of frogs shows that the shared ancestors which long had lower-jaw teeth, lost their teeth some 230 million years ago. For carnivorous frog species, teeth play a pivotal role in catching a prey. They have fang-like teeth on the upper jaw.

Frogs are amphibians ranging from 7.7 m (0.30 inches) to 300 mm (12 inches) in length. These species are found in Cameroon and Papua New Guinea. They have three eyelid membranes, one of which is transparent which is used to protect eyes underwater. Toads do not have teeth while many frogs have. They used their teeth to grasp prey and force it down the throat. The African bull frog, for instance, is a species that preys on large animals including mice and other frogs and they have cone-like teeth.

Do Frogs Have Teeth

Many frogs show small teeth which are classified into primary maxillary (upper jaw) and vomerine (in the mouth’s roof) teeth. Gunther’s marsupial frog (Gastrotheca guentheri) is the only frog species that has teeth in the lower jaw; these frogs inhabit Columbia and Ecuador. The frog’s teeth are cone-shaped which are employed for taking on prey. Frogs cannot chew their food; they have to swallow their prey. Frogs typically use their forelimbs, tongue, and their eyes (by pushing backward) to force the prey backward into the mouth down the throat. Some toads lack teeth which show that teeth these do not play a major role in eating. Frogs having teeth are not known to bite for defense but only for handling prey.

The African bullfrog is a large frog that belongs to the family of Ranidae. It has fang-like teeth together with the two bony spines which are seen at each side of the lower jaw parted by a smaller spine. Many aquatic tadpoles have teeth that seem like horny plates and are seen in rows at the upper and at the lower jaws. The marsupial frogs lack lower teeth.

Frogs have short back legs that assist them to walk instead of a jump. They are adept to move very quickly while moving its limbs at a speedy rate. Some species are perfectly adapted for swimming as they’re often found in water. Unlike few, frogs are exceptional jumpers; rather the best jumpers of all vertebrates. The Australian rocket frog, for instance, is capable to leap over 2 meters (6 ft 7 in). Similarly, the northern cricket frogs can make short rapid jumps on the surface of a pond.

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