Five Unique Gifts to Surprise any Dog Owner

Holidays are near and with them, shopping season is upon us! But what can we buy for the dogs and cats that have it all? Below are five ideas for unique and thoughtful gifts that any pet owner will surely appreciate and love!

Unique Artwork

Commissioning a portrait is a wonderful way to pay homage to an animal and to the bond between owner and pet. It also makes for a one-of-a-kind gift for any animal lover. West & Willow offers custom pet portraits in a minimalistic style that suits a variety of homes; your loved one will appreciate his portrait hanging on the wall.

A woman and her little dog are practicing "walking to heel" in the park

A Cozy Comfort Sweater

Let’s get a show of hands–When the mighty Thor starts hammering out a thunderstorm, whose dogs are reduced to a quivering mess? How many dogs out there seek small spaces where they wobble and shiver, or they bolt and run to the next county? If you’re nodding and wanting to add to the list of canine-thunder responses you could try a Thundershirt. It’s like a giant hug in a jacket and the Thundershirt can be used in other anxiety cases, too, so if you have a nervy dog, add one of these to your arsenal.

Relaxing Massages

Rub-a-dub-dub. Dog’s body, heal thyself! Your dog will love the constant rubbing provided by an electric massager and brush. Each session brings relaxation, recovery and a healthy dose of stress relief. Dogs love being massaged and groomed and it may function as an alternative to a thundershirt as many dogs calm down during thunderstorms when they are massaged and groomed.

One-of-a-kind Dog Bandanas

Who doesn’t want its dog to be the fanciest at the dog park? There is no better piece of clothing than a custom dog bandana! You can personalize your bandana with your dog’s name or any message or photo! Get a matching pair for stylish dog siblings. With a custom designed bandana you can be sure no one else at the dog park will have the same item.

Futuristic Cleaning

It’s unlikely that you perform cartwheels of joy when it’s time to clean out the cat litter box. Or, maybe you’re dealing with the horrors of pups who won’t leave the litter alone. Enter Litter Robot, a beast which looks as though the designer stayed up watching back-to-back episodes of South Park, but it’s a wonderful beast all the same. It’s a patented litter sifting system that cleans the litter gently, reliably and dependably, every time. It’s gentle on litter and hard to resist.

And because it’s not all about spending money, the good people at Animal League, have some top tips on how to make your own cat and dog toys at home.

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