How To Save Money When Owning A Pet

While I think every pet owner can agree that owning a pet is a wonderful and rewarding experience, there’s also no doubt that it can get very expensive to own a pet – no matter what kind. 

There is no way to avoid pet-related bills but there are many ways in which you can save money as a pet-owner. Here are some of the top ways to save money when owning a pet:

  • Adopt, Don’t Shop

Right off the bat, you can save money when owning a pet by adopting, especially a rescue, instead of buying from a breeder. While many pure-bred dogs are anywhere above $800, local dog shelters or rescues can sell dogs for as low as $45. 

Plus, beyond the money factor, adopting from a rescue or shelter can help give an abandoned dog a better life than they would otherwise have – that in itself is rewarding. Most of the time, shelter or rescue dogs are unknown breeds, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a great dog through these avenues. 

And yes, shelters and rescues offer more pets than dogs, many will also have cats, hamsters, reptiles, and other pet species you may be interested in. 

Pet Insurance – Yes or No?

One of the first things you’ll want to decide after adopting your pet is whether or not you’re going to invest in an insurance plan for your pet. Anyone who has owned a pet in the past, or even knows someone else who has, knows how expensive vet visits can get – even when they’re simply checkups, let alone if there’s a health concern. Just as you have insurance for yourself, pet insurance can help to reduce the amount of money you’ll pay out of your pocket each visit. 

You’ll want to do research before deciding on a pet insurance if that’s the route you’ll take. However, there are cheaper options available if you’re willing to look for them. There are companies like Embrace, Petfirst, and Trupanion, all of which have a received 4 and above rating. 

  • Spay and Neuter

You will also want to make it a priority to spay or neuter your pet as soon as you can if they haven’t already been when you pick them up. While I think we can all agree that puppies, kittens, or any baby pet is cute, they are going to be very expensive to care for down the road – not to mention the vet bills for a pregnant momma. 

  • Save on Food

Depending on the type, size, and number of pets you have, feeding them can get very expensive. A good tip is to look for coupons online and through different stores before purchasing from the same place every time. It also makes more sense to buy in larger quantities, because you’re getting more for your money, and you’ll have to go to the store less often.

Some pet stores even offer rewards cards where you can earn points that lead to a free bag, or offer a discount after purchasing a certain amount. Always be sure to keep an eye out for these kinds of deals. At you will find shops with the best Pet food discounts

elevated view of plastic bone with dog food, various pills and ampoules with medical liquid on white surface
elevated view of plastic bone with dog food, various pills and ampoules with medical liquid on white surface
  • Keep up to date on Shots and Pills

Many pet owners fall into the trap of falling behind on their pet’s shots and pills and then end up paying larger mounts at one time to catch up. Instead of doing this, make sure to stay up to date by keeping regular vet appointments, whether that’s making them every 6 months or once a year. Your vet can make the best recommendation for what’s “regular” to your specific pet. 

It’s easier to pay a small amount now than to pay for a larger amount later because you let yourself fall behind. 

  • Try Different Vets

You don’t have to stick with the first vet that you try out. In any area, there are bound to be at least a few options and there’s no shame in looking around, and leaving a vet if you’re not satisfied with their services or if they’re simply too expensive. Among the different ways to save money on vet bills, one of the options you have is to use a vet college. Vet colleges are a great option because they’ll offer decent discounts in exchange for their students having the opportunity to work on check-ups for your pet.

Vet with dog and cat. Puppy and kitten at doctor.
Vet examining dog and cat. Puppy and kitten at veterinarian doctor. Animal clinic. Pet check up and vaccination. Health care for dogs and cats.
  • Order Medications Online

Due to the modern world we now live in, it’s become very simple to order your pet’s medication online. While this doesn’t always guarantee a cheaper price, some common medications like flea and tick prevention or even heartworm can be found for lower rates online. It certainly can’t hurt to price check and shop around before simply buying directly from your vet. 


Pets can be a wonderful addition to your family. However when preparing to get a pet, whether it’s your first or one of many, you should take some time to look into different money saving options that are available to you as this will prevent stress later on. 

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