A Sturdy Pair Of Horse Riding Boots Goes A Long Way

Veteran horse riders would agree that a sturdy pair of horse riding boots happens to be the most important part of your riding attire. Buying a good pair of horse riding boots doesn’t only keep your feet safe, it also adds an element of elegance to your attire. Having a pair or two of leather riding boots makes you look like a cowboy from the 1970s. Riders looking for conventional options tend to go for leather boots. However, boots made of synthetic fabrics are also being chosen by riders.

Here’s a comprehensive list of horse riding boots you can choose from

What not to wear while horse riding?

Always prefer a riding boot that has a high heel (1 inch to 1 and a half inch). Having a boot with a high heel will not let you slip.

Also, it needs to be pointed out that it is not advisable to wear heavy snow boots while riding. These can, however, be worn if you’re planning to hit the stable. As these boots are bulky, they’ll hamper the movement of your feet. Also, a wide snow boot won’t fit into the stirrup. Also, it is not at all advisable to wear sneakers while riding. First-time riders tend to commit this mistake. The problem with sneakers is: They don’t provide your lower legs with an adequate amount of protection. You can find a wide variety of riding boots at Church Equestrian.

Horse riding shoes

Western-style boots are a decent choice

This will ultimately boil down your personal preferences. Ideally, Western boots sport a slightly higher heel than their English counterparts. You can also go for western-style riding boots with crepe soles. These would offer you unmatched grip and will not keep sliding out of the stirrup. Going for boots that are ankle high is also a great option. The good thing about these type of boots is: they provide the rider with an enhanced degree of comfort and protection.  You’ll be able to find an inexpensive pair of boots featuring a vinyl construction. The only problem with choosing an inexpensive pair of boots is: They’ll disintegrate faster than a pair of sturdy leather boots.

English boots

English boots come in a variety of styles. Traditionally, English boots are tall and are used during hunting expeditions. The good-old English boots still go with all kinds of English disciplines. Old-school riders prefer such boots while others find them irksome and hard to maintain. 

Field boots are a popular choice. These boots are quite similar to dress boots, but sport a lace up over the instep. These can be worn by hunters and are comfortable if your foot has a high instep. The lace makes it easier for the rider to wear and unwear the boot.

You can try wearing paddock boots as well

Jodhpur or paddock boots are English-style boots that go till the ankle. They are worn by children working in show rings. An ideal pair of Jodhpurs. Comes in a variety of styles. Of late, zippered boots have witnessed a surge in popularity. You can wear these while you’re working in the barn. Zippered boots can be easily worn and removed. 

The materials used

Traditionally, riding boots were made of leather. Even to this day, conventional riders go for leather riding boots because of the durability they provide. A heavy-duty pair of leather boots is good enough to give you years of service.

But the fact that leather boots are prone to damage cannot be undermined. Of late, boots made of synthetic fabrics are also gaining popularity. To top it all, choosing the right set of boots depends entirely on your personal preferences and budget. The deeper your pockets are, the better your boots are expected to be.


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