How Old is my Dog? Understanding the Timeline of a Dog’s Life

They say every year in dog years is equal to 7 in human ones, so calculating your dog’s age should be simple, right? But it turns out it’s not as simple as that.

Dogs don’t age in a linear fashion, so it’s not as easy as taking your dog’s years on earth and multiplying by 7. So now you’re thinking: how old is my dog? Keep reading and we’ll tell you how to figure out Fido’s real age.

How Old Is My Dog?

The age of your dog depends on a few factors. First is their size; bigger breeds tend to have shorter lifespans, so they’ll become seniors much earlier than smaller breeds.

Second is the stage of life your dog’s in. For instance, they’ll age much quicker in the first few years of their lives and the rate of aging will slow down after 2 years.

dog timeline

Below, we’ll give you a rule of thumb for calculating your dog’s age.

Year 1

The first year of your dog’s life will be the time of most rapid growth. At the end of this year, they’re about 15 years old in human years.

Year 2

The second-year will also be one with rapid growth, but not as much as year 1. In the second year, they age about 9 human years, so they’ll be around 24 in human years.

Year 3 and Beyond

After your dog turns 3, calculations should be easier. Instead of a 7:1 ratio like we initially thought, it’s a 5:1 ratio. So your dog is 15 in year 1, 24 in year 2, 29 in year 3, 34 in year 4, and so on and so forth.

Keep Track with a Timeline Generator

As you can see, calculating your dog’s age can be a bit complicated at times and even your expensive Rolex watch cannot help you. Want to know a good way to keep track of how old Fido? A timeline generator.

With this technology, you can mark down how old your dog is as the years go by. You can even add pictures and notes so you can look back fondly on how much your furry friend changed throughout the years. If they’re a well-loved animal by your friends and family, you can even download, share, or print the timeline to show your loved ones the progression of your dog’s life.

Keep Your Dog in Good Health

Remember to use the above calculations as a guideline; what really matters is you ensure your dog’s always in good health. By taking them regularly to the vet, you can get peace of mind knowing they’re getting good care for any health issues they may develop.

Treasure Your Time with Your Furry Friend

No matter what the answer is to “how old is my dog,” it’s sure to make you realize you don’t have nearly as much time to spend with them as you’d like. So make every moment count and make beautiful memories with your furry friend.

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