New to the Bird Watching Hobby? 5 Bird Spotting Tips for Beginners

There are over 10,000 different species of birds on the planet. Just imagine the diversity among birds that are found just in your area.

Can you identify five of them? Ten? Twenty? To put it into perspective, there over forty species of ducks and geese that can be found in the tiny state of Rhode Island alone.

Among those thousands of species (and counting), are some of the most beautiful creatures that can be found in nature. Bird spotting experts have compiled some of the best tips for beginners and casual enthusiasts.

Better Bird Spotting

For many people, it will be nearly impossible to see all 10,000 birds in one lifetime. You would have to travel to every remote location in the world to even have a chance of getting close. Only a handful of people are fabled to have made it to 7,000.

Fortunately, this doesn’t mean you can’t have an extremely rewarding experience. There are likely hundreds, if not thousands of bird species in your area. However, finding some of the more elusive types can be a real challenge.

bird watching

Here are some tips to get the most of your new passion.

1. Knowledge is Everything

You can load up your new Subaru with all the best and most expensive bird watching equipment in the world. However, if you don’t know where to look or what to look for, you won’t get very far.

There are many informative publications for bird spotting. These include field guides with maps and images of birds for their identification.

Before heading out, read a little about which are the best birds for beginners and other tips on how to bird watch.

2. Quality Binoculars

Many birds are notoriously difficult to spot with the naked eye. They tend to rather small and they can blend in with their surroundings. Also, most birds are extremely skittish around people and will fly away out of sight at the slightest hint of danger.

It is all but impossible to be a successful bird watcher without a good set of binoculars.

There are plenty of options when it comes to choosing some binoculars for birding. Look at some different styles to see which one works best for you.

3. Make The Birds Come to You

Sometimes in this life, you have to make your own luck. Birding is no different.

Placing some bird feeders and/or a birdbath in your back yard does wonders to attract all the local avian life. You’ll be able to see birds that you would probably otherwise miss. Plus, you can do it from the comfort of your own yard.

You may even be surprised at what shows up. A bird watcher supply shop can provide with you many options and styles.

4. Camera

Although photography isn’t a necessary component of bird watching, having one to record your trips can certainly enrich your birding experience. Plus, you’ll end up with a nice collection of photos to remember your outings.

Photographing the birds themselves is challenging but a very rewarding endeavor. A telescopic lens works best for this.

Starting Birding Today

Bird spotting is an art and a science. Also, its an extremely enjoyable passion that could keep you entertained literally indefinitely.

Now that you’ve been introduced to the basics, inform yourself and get out there. It may take time before you master your skills. Plus, a little bit of luck never hurt anyone.

Remember to be safe and responsible when exploring parks, forests, or other areas where birding can be done. Most importantly, enjoy yourself! In the meantime, check our blog for all the animal news you need!



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