How To Remove Cat Urine Smell From Your Home

Does your feline pee too often in your floor or carpet but since you do not know how to remove cat urine smell, so it really bothers you most? If yes, then just relax and take a deep sigh of relief because we’re going to show you some of the most easiest and practical ways of dealing with stinking odor. The smell of your feline is one of the disgusting things you might never want to experience at least not in your home. Actually the cat’s urine in dry shape forms crystals that afterwards cause unpleasant odor. Also this odor easily penetrates into your carpet and furniture thereby creating even more nuisance for the dwellers. Instead of paying out for cat urine products that seldom work, let’s take a look at simple ways for getting rid of cat urine smell. Besides it’s very important to know how to remove cat urine smell because if you fail to track down the urinating location, he will come back again to pee in that very spot. So in order to put him off, it’s necessary to take urgent action right now.

These recipes are extremely easy to practice and it will also not cost you too much since you don’t need to pay for most of these products. All you need is the correct constituents that make up this recipe and I tell you what, majority of these ingredients will be there even now in your home. So you don’t need to worry about them either. It really works and deodorizes the odor within no time. One more thing, all the constituents included in these recipes are also non-hazardous.

Things You Should Need

  • Paper towels
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Cold and hot water
  • White vinegar
  • Brush
  • Baking soda
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White Vinegar And Water Mixture For How To Remove Cat Urine Smell

  • One of the proven ingredients is white vinegar as it is quite effective against stains and odor of the cat’s spray. Take just 1 part of this ingredient and mix it well with double parts of hot water so in order to make a squirt.
  • Now with the help of paper towel, wipe the dirty spot.
  • After you have rubbed it cleanly with paper towels, fog over the place with the spray you’ve made just now.
  • Now again clean the place with paper towels.

Hydrogen Peroxide And Baking Soda Mixture For How To Remove Cat Urine Smell

  • Take baking soda (2 tablespoons), hydrogen peroxide (15 ounces) and liquid hand soap (2 sprays).
  • Now make a mixture of these three ingredients in a bucket and stir it with the help of a spoon.
  • Now spread it over the spot where feline pees, and finally wipe the floor with hot water.

The Use Of Enzyme Cleaner For How To Remove Cat Urine Smell

  • Just put down few paper towels on the urinated spot over your carpet.
  • Now place more towels onto the blemished spot and do it again for 3 to 4 times.
  • Now put on enzyme cleaner at that very place to remove all sorts of smell and blots.
  • Now take a carpet cleaner and wipe the flooring with it.
  • After that, wash the place with hot water and soak up the place.

How To Remove Cat Urine Smell From Your Furniture

  • If your feline pees at your furniture or fabric, clean the filthy place from paper towels and then wash it down with chilly water.
  • Now make a mixture of hot water (2 cups) with white vinegar (1 tablespoon) and apply it to the stained place.
  • At last, clean this place with the help of bacterial cleaner.

3-Step Easy Method For How To Remove Cat Urine Smell From Your Home

  • Take few paper towels and place them on the carpet where you feline pees so that they soak up maximum filthy liquid from the region. You may walk on the sterile towels in order to sponge the urine properly. Now do it again and again so that entire wetness disappears.

Note: If you don’t know the precise places where you feline normally pee and it may have become dried so not easy to spot, don’t worry. Just buy a handheld black light from the market (ranges from $15 to $25). Under this black light, the dried urine will shine and thus you’ll know exactly where it is.

  • Now make a fusion of two ingredients with equal quantity. Take white vinegar (half) and warm water (half) and apply it to the dirty spot. Now mop up your rug and dry the place by some clean paper towels or dry vacuum extractor.
  • After that, smear a bit of baking soda at that very spot. Now take hydrogen peroxide (almost 1/4 cup of 3% volume) and cleansing agent (1 teaspoon) used for dishwashing. Make a mixture of these two and sprinkle this fusion at the urinated place. Be wary not to use acidic cleaner for the solution. Now with the help of a brush, mix this solution properly into the area and leave it. After a while, the place with become dry and now you can clean the trickles of baking soda by vacuum cleaner. That’s it! You see how easy it is to get rid of cat urine odor as now you don’t need to bother any longer about how to remove cat urine smell from your house.

Note: Hydrogen peroxide having more than 3% volume is not recommended for carpet cleaning because it may remove the color of your rug. Besides quantities as specified above are only for small portion of cat urine and you’ll have to vary their quantities in case urine is spread over extensive space. Also do not employ products that have ammonia in them. There are few cleaners that contain ammonia too, so read it first and do not use them because ammonia is also present in cat’s urine so your feline will return to that very place soon after you spray.

Little Things You Want To Know For How To Remove Cat Urine Smell

  • Hydrogen peroxide is a strong oxidizer.
  • Vinegar is capable of reducing the effect of ammonia.
  • Baking soda is the perfect ingredient that takes in stinking smell of urine.
  • Some of the good cat urine removal products include Nature’s Miracle, Zero Odor, Cat-Off, Nilodor F.O.N. and Anti-Icky-Poo.


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  2. I had a cat pee down the cold air return. The urine has soaked into wood and floor joices on the basement ceiling. Can I pour the hydrogen peroxide-vinegar-soap mixture down the same spot to help remove the odor from the wood below. It was suggested to me to just varnish the wood to lock in the smell. What would you suggest?

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