How to Choose the Best Waterproof Dog Beds

Dogs make wonderful pets. Loyal and friendly, cuddly and playful, the sheer number of breeds to choose from is bewildering. For many people, a medium sized dog such as a Labrador or collie will be the perfect companion.

For others, a small terrier or other type of dog will do the job, especially if space is limited. Then there are the very large breeds that are found in larger properties, dogs that need a lot of space to exercise and run off all that energy.

Energy is something that all dogs have in abundance, and a long walk or a play with a ball is a great way of sharing time with your pet. Then when you get home, a nice soft bed is ideal.

Dogs like to have their own bed – it becomes familiar with their scent – and in homes with more than one dog it is often the case each has its own bed and won’t use a different one. The only thing is, what sort of bed do you buy for your dog, and how do you choose the right one? That’s what we’re here to help you with!

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Why Waterproof?

There are many different types of dog bed and some may be better than others. The first thing you need to think about is what state your dog is in when you come home from a walk. Does it rain often where you are? Or does your dog like to take a dip in the sea or a river? Many dogs love water, and even those that don’t can come home wet from rain! Therefore a waterproof dog bed is always a sensible choice. They are useful as you can wash them regularly and they are also durable, but most of all they don’t get damaged by wet dog!

Where can you find out about waterproof dog beds? We recommend you check out a great site called Canine Finds that has a full range of these and of many other dog-related items and accessories.

They offer quality products at very sensible prices, and there are some great items there that will enhance the dog’s life, and yours too! After all, we all love to keep our dogs happy and content, and what better way then to ensure they have the best of everything? What else do you need to think about when choosing a waterproof dog bed?

Things to Consider

Waterproof Dog Beds

Choosing the best waterproof dog bed for your dog – or dogs, if you have more than one – is best done by taking a little time to consider some factors. First, how big is your dog and is there a bed to fit? You will find there are beds made for all sizes of dog – even the very biggest breed such as the mighty Irish Wolfhound and Great Dane – so you should not have a problem there.

You’ll also find that they come in a wide range of colours, and we recommend muted earth colours as the bed will certainly get muddy at times!

Then there’s budget. Every item we buy is limited by our available budget, but when it comes to our beloved pets, we tend to splash out! The best advice here is to look for a dog bed that you can afford but that is also quality. You may find some that have a removable washable cover, too, and they add extra convenience. Whatever you do, buy your dog a new waterproof bed that he or she can start making their own, and they’ll love you even more for it!

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