What Can a DNA Test For Cats Tell You About Your Pet?

DNA tests are gaining more momentum nowadays, as more people are deciding to take a look at the thing that codes for everything they are. Whether they want to know if Genghis Khan is their distant relative or why they have trouble losing weight, getting the data has become incredibly easy nowadays.

Getting DNA tests for yourself is common now, but getting your cat genetically tested is something entirely new. People are now getting their cats and other pets tested to find out a variety of details about them. Sounds intriguing? Let’s get into the details.

What Can A DNA Test For Cats Tell You About Your Pet?

There are quite a number of services around that can test your cat’s DNA, but they might all not be the same. They might offer various packages, and not everything may be included in them. That’s why it would be beneficial to make sure that the cat DNA test you choose has everything that you want to know.

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Now, let’s see three things that a DNA test for cats can tell you.

The Exact Breed of Your Cat

Getting your cat’s DNA tested can be very useful for you, whether you are a cat owner or breeder, because it can help you figure out the specific breed of your cat. While some tests may be able to reveal more things than others, they can surely tell you whether your cat is purebred or not.

The situation can be a little tricky for domestic cats. It turns out that most domestic cats that are tested don’t usually turn out to be purebred. It could be from the fact that they roam around the neighborhood and mate randomly.

Getting to your cat can help you understand it better. There are many traits and features of a cat that could be tied to its genes. Other than that, knowing what type of breed you have might help you sell the kittens better, keep the purebred line going, or make an informed purchase. If you are a cat breeder or a pet store owner, then it can help you make better sales.

Your Cats Ancestral History

Like knowing the particular breeds of cats, you might also want to know the ancestral history of your kitty.

Getting a simple breed test will help you understand whether your cat is purely one breed or a mixture. But a cat ancestry test can help you dig a little bit deeper into your cat’s history. If your cat has plenty in common with another kitty, even though it’s of a different breed, then it might mean that your cat shares ancestors with kitties of that other breed.

Many breeders also used certain combinations of breeds to create new ones in the past, and they still continue to do it. So if you have a specific type of breed, you can also find out whether it is 100% purebred or if some man-made elements were at play there.

Health and Wellness

Health and wellness are definitely among the most crucial things that you need to look after when you have a cat or any other pet. After all, you wouldn’t want the poor thing to suffer and not be able to tell you what is happening.

Getting a health and wellness cat genetic test can help you find out any possible risks of your kitty contracting any genetically-related diseases in the future. While it can’t tell you the future, the DNA test can only tell you what might happen.

You should also remember that not all diseases and illnesses are related to your genes. Many diseases are entirely related to environmental conditions. These might not completely be related to your cat’s DNA, which is why their risks won’t show up on a test.

Why Should You Purchase A DNA Test For Your Cat?

Having a DNA test for your cat can allow you to see its breed and risks of genetically related illnesses. This information can allow you to prepare for your cat’s health as time goes by. Also, it might help you figure out whether getting cat insurance would turn out to be a sound investment or simply a waste of money.

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