How To Stay Safe While Walking Your Dog

Dogs are known as man’s best friends. They’re adorable, faithful, and lively little champs that’ll surely respond to your unconditional affection.

You may always want to bond with your dog in earnest and consider things to help you enjoy quality time with them. One of which is having a stroll. Dogs can be highly reliable and are known as excellent protectors. You may enjoy the great outdoors with them because they can guarantee your safety. However, the protection your pet pooch can bring may not be enough to ward off all kinds of danger that you may encounter outside.

Lack of awareness may put your and your dogs’ lives at risk. Below, check out tips on how to stay safe while walking your dog outside.

Restrain Your Dog’s Behavior

Your dog can relieve your stress as soon as you come back from a whole day of working. They may wiggle their tail and kiss you by licking your cheeks. Dogs are genuine and loving pets. Even so, as you may notice, they can act so hyper and misbehave, causing some unintended damage. Of course, as their owner, you may have adapted to this side of their behavior and find it endearing as well, but it may not be the same case for other entities outside.

They can find many exciting things outdoors that may cause them to become excited and rush in to satisfy their curiosity. If you’re not mindful, a vehicle might hit them, or they may lose their way back. Also, unnecessary provocation may happen.

That said, consider controlling your playful dog’s behavior as much as possible to prevent this. Dog accessories, like a dog harness, may help you pay close attention to them. In addition, you may also train your dogs to make them accustomed to other entities’ presence and develop self-control.

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Go To Secure Places

Some places aren’t safe for you and your furry buddy. Others may be safe, but don’t allow pets at all. You may want to ask your friends and relatives, or browse online for secure areas for a pet walk near you before having a stroll. Stay in places where there are some people around. 

Dog parks are a good place for taking your dog for a walk. Such places are secure enough that you can let your dog off the leash and have them wander around as freely as they could. 

Get Vaccinated

For dogs, one of the most popular vaccines is for canine hepatitis. Your dog may get this kind of illness through another dog’s saliva, and who’s infected by the said disease. Some of its symptoms are fever, vomiting, and blindness. In severe cases, an infected dog may experience seizures and swelling of lymph nodes. This may even lead to death. 

There are available treatments for some canine hepatitis cases, but it’d be best if your dog will be protected from it. Your pet pooch may meet a dog friend while you’re walking around the park, and you may not be able to stop them from licking each other’s faces. You may not be able to tell if the dog friend is infected or not. So, to be sure that your dog won’t acquire a terrible illness such as canine hepatitis, aside from a healthy diet, increase their resistance by having them vaccinated.

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Humans are also vulnerable to infectious diseases. You may get sick once exposed to airborne viruses that can bring many types of illnesses, such as the flu and, most recently, COVID-19. With that said, going outside of your home, especially these days, may put your and your dog’s health at risk. Also, worth noting is the fact that some infectious diseases are contagious. Thus, consider increasing your protection by getting vaccinated.

Stay Hydrated

Aside from enjoying quality time with your dog, you may also want to have a stroll with your pet to make sure that you both keep your bodies healthy by regularly engaging in exercise. Yes, wandering around is fun, but it can eventually deplete your energy. Replenish your and your dog’s stamina by bringing lots of water. By doing so, it may also prevent dehydration and heatstroke.


Dogs are, indeed, man’s best friend. They’re faithful pets that can protect their humans from harm. They’re genuine and affectionate, yet, sometimes, can be quite a handful. Such lovely creatures, teeming with life—pets like dogs deserve care in earnest. To guarantee their safety, be mindful of their welfare. After all, as their owner, it’s your responsibility to protect them, too.


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