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Here are some of the most interesting and rarely known shark facts for kids including its habitat, diet and reproduction. Sharks are a crowd of fishes that believed to have lived some 420 million years ago.

These marine animals are considered to be cartilaginous skeleton with gill slits on the head-sides. Shark is the member of the genus Elasmobranchii. These large-sized fishes have been classified into more than 400 species. There is a significant size variation amongst species. The smallest of the sharks measure around 17 cm (6.7 inches).

The whale shark is the largest shark specie with a length measuring at 12 meters (39 feet). These whale sharks largely feed on small creatures like squid, plankton, and other small fish. Sharks are one of the most common species that are known to exist in almost all the Oceanic waters.

Shark Facts For Kids

  • Sharks are competent enough to dive 2,000 meters (6,600 feet) deep into the water. These animals are not akin to live in freshwater; nevertheless, some species like river shark or bull shark can be found with exception.
  • The teeth are affixed into the gums instead of connected with the jaws. These teeth are relentlessly swapped over the time. Sharks are known to lose more than 30,000 teeth during their entire lifetime. Sharks that predominantly feed on crustaceans and mollusks have relatively flat teeth whereas others that eat fish have sharp pointed teeth.
  • Sharks lack rib cages which is why they can be easily compressed beneath their own weight on land.
  • With the help of a tail, shark accelerates its speed while thrusting it.
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  • These animals have an extraordinary sense of smell.
  • While swimming, these animals reach at a speed of 8 km/h (5.0 mph); however, they escalate their speed to 19km/h (12 mph) while foraging. Shortfin Mako shark is the by far the fastest swimmer with a speed of 50 km/h (31 mph).
  • There is a false stipulation regarding the sharks’ attack to humans. There are only four species out of 360 that have been proved fatal or unprovoked attack on humans. That is why most of the times divers are shielded with a cage while making a shark film.
  • Too many unsuccessful attempts have been made to keep sharks under captivity which suggests that these animals are one of the most difficult ones to capture and look after. Hornsharks, leopard sharks and carsharks are few of those. Aquarium is certainly not the right place for these animals.
  • The lifespan of sharks is about 20 – 30 years. Dogfish has been known to live up to 100 years.
  • Sharks have the capability to detect frequencies within the range of 25 – 50 Hz.

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Shark Facts For Kids | Reproduction

  • Sharks reach maturity at the age of 13 – 15.
  • The fertility in sharks ranges from 2 to 100 young per reproductive cycle.
  • Mating is an uncommon phenomenon in these species.
  • Most sharks are ovoviviparous in that the eggs are hatched in the oviduct in the mother’s body.
  • The period of gestation lasts for about 18 – 24 months.
  • Some the shark species are highly sociable. These are mainly found in the Gulf of California.
  • They have a complex migration pattern even more than birds.

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What Do Sharks Eat?

Sharks are carnivorous. Shark facts about its diet show that these animals are opportunistic feeders in that they largely eat crustaceans, squid, and other fish. With their pointed lower teeth, they almost crush anything that comes in between. Unlike other species, tiger sharks are capable to chomp anything.

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Where Do Sharks Live?

These animals are not deemed to exist in freshwater with some exception such as bull and river sharks. Sharks typically dive 2,000 metres (7,000 feet) deep down into water; some species can even dive more than 3,000 metres (10,000 feet), with the deepest ever recorded at 3,700 metres (12,100 feet) was dogfish.

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