Top Reasons Why Everyone Should Go Birdwatching At Least Once

Millions of birds will fly through our cities and towns during the fall as they make their way south for the winter, a phenomenon known as the fall migration. However, many people have a year-round passion for birds. There aren’t many days in our lives when we don’t see at least a few of the magnificent birds that nature has created. These brightly colored, perceptive, talkative flying animals are all around us. Gaining a deeper understanding of them may be a wonderful experience. Because of this, going bird watching is a great idea. In the US, there are about 50 million bird watchers, with possibly 100,000 of them watching birds intently. Are they accomplishing anything worthwhile? The answer is definitely yes, and in this article, we will provide you with top reasons why you should join them at least once in your life.

Improving Your Physical and Mental Health

Your physical, mental, and emotional well-being will benefit greatly from investing time and effort in discovering and watching birds. Sure, if you’re actually running around chasing birds, you’ll be in fantastic shape, but you don’t have to be that intense to enjoy the health advantages of birdwatching. You get out, breathe fresh air, and move about while looking for birds. The health benefits of even a little activity are significantly greater than those of Netflix on the sofa or prolonged desk work. You might even have to hike to rather distant locations to see fascinating birds. The birding encounters that require the greatest effort may be the most gratifying. You are giving your brain good mental stimulation by taking up birdwatching. Your senses will improve, and you’ll learn to pay attention to small details. You’ll learn the hummingbird meaning, the habitat of the red-tailed hawk, and the names of other species. All of this keeps your brain’s neurons active and aids in the creation of new synaptic connections. For those of us who are lifelong learners, birdwatching is an ideal activity.

Benefits for Children

According to recent studies, kids between the ages of 2 and 10 spend approximately 19 hours per week playing on screens, and only about 11 hours per week playing outside. Do our kids have the chance to interact with nature since they spend so little time outside? Nature deficit disorder is the term used to characterize this issue. This is a major issue that can only be solved by exposing kids to nature and getting them outside. The fact that birdwatching is a cheap activity that is available to the majority of kids worldwide makes it the ideal answer to this issue. Additionally, it is something that can be done with loved ones and friends or as a fun school field trip.

A Great Way to Make Friends

Meeting new people with similar interests is simple when birdwatching. You will never run out of stories to hear from birdwatchers since they like sharing their knowledge of birds, their adventures when birding, and the locations they have been to. Numerous organizations and clubs devoted to bird watching have been created. If you enjoy birds and are keen on learning, you will be accepted right away. There are also festivals; in North America (and beyond), there are hundreds of them each year. These might be little one-day gatherings or massive conferences with thousands of birders. The majority of festivals feature field excursions, speakers, vendors, and workshops in addition to after-hours activities including dinners, game shows, kid-friendly activities, concerts, and other entertainment.

It Costs Nothing

You may spend as little or as much money as you like when bird watching, which is one of the reasons it is so popular. It is affordable and available to all income levels. Simple bird watching only requires your eyes and a good set of binoculars. You actually don’t need anything else but that. Some individuals opt to spend a lot of money on a bird guide. You might not even need a paid guide now that there are so many free ones available online. Others spend money on nest boxes, bird food, and spotting scopes. Some people decide to install cameras all over their homes to broadcast live streams. There are many websites with live feeds that are available 24/7 and will not cost you a penny if you think you’d enjoy this but don’t feel like spending any money.

Many Elements of Surprise

Taking nothing for granted is a lesson that any watcher of the natural world rapidly learns. Nature enjoys defying all assumptions. True birders submit to nature’s unpredictable whims, whether deliberately or instinctively. After all, the professionals in the field, the birders who have seen thousands of species and can recognize every local bird with their eyes closed, continue to frequent the same locations. They carefully observe the flocks of seabirds, waders, and warblers because they are aware that among the thousands of ordinary birds, one unusual species may be hiding. A group of egrets is often merely a group of egrets, all of which resemble previous sightings. But once in a while, something intriguing that is hundreds of kilometers away from home appears. Birdwatchers hope to see something completely unique and surprising when they explore each wood and marsh.

It’s Good for the Environment

The bird population has suffered greatly as a result of environmental damage. By developing an interest in birding, you will support native species and raise awareness of their situation. The endangered malleefowl and other shorebirds like the tiny tern and hooded plover are just two examples of threatened species in national parks that you may help protect via volunteer work in conservation projects. If we want to keep them around for future generations to enjoy, this job is essential.

Birds give us a fresh perspective on our duty to preserve the environment. You’ll quickly realize how important it is to preserve the ecosystem as you learn more about it. Add all the health benefits to this, and you won’t need any further motivation to give it a try.

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