Ways a Dog Can Help You Get Over a Breakup

Breakups are one of the hardest things in life that people have to experience. The immense sadness and heartaches can be taking a toll on you physically and mentally. But, do not despair. These times come and go with the help of friends and family. Other than your human companions, there is one more joyful and loving companion that you may have with you. This companion is a dog. Dogs are great pets that can boost your levels of happiness anytime they are around you. Let us discuss the ways a dog can help you get over a breakup.


Dogs are the best cuddle buddies! They will always want to cuddle with their owners. This act of cuddling can release endorphins and increase your mood. You will feel the love that your ex never gave you. Other than that, dogs are soft and fluffy! So, you will definitely enjoy hugging these cute animals. Also, this can keep dogs warm in winter. Remember that not everything should be about you.


Get up and go for a walk

Dogs need to go for walks every day. So, you can also use this time to just go around your neighborhood and enjoy the sights. This is an excellent time for you to just have some peace and quiet time with your lovely dog. On top of that, exercising such as walking or jogging can release endorphins that will increase your happiness level. The mixture of fresh air and exercising can definitely help you get over a breakup.

Unconditional love

A dog’s love is truly unconditional. Once they love you, they will love you forever. Even if you sometimes forget to take care of them or you leave them at home all alone, when they see you they get excited. They jump for joy and lick you all over. This can make any person happy. The feeling of being wanted is a feeling that you can get from having a pet dog. So, even if your ex does not love you anymore, your dog will always be there to love you forevermore.

They are funny

Dogs are funny creatures. They always look happy. But, because they are not as smart as humans, sometimes they do things that are just downright hilarious! So, if you are down in the dumps, watch what your dog is doing, and you can find ways to have fun with his movements or reactions. Play with your dog to spend your hours doing something rather than sulking by yourself.

You are never alone

When you have a pet dog, you will never be alone. They will always stay by your side or someplace close to you. So, you can binge watch a tv series or read a book with your dog. Your dog will always be your companion for everything that you do. Therefore, you are never alone when you own a pet dog. So, you can get over your ex just by spending time with your dog.


These are some of the ways that a dog can help you get over a breakup. A dog is a beautiful creature sent from the heavens to spread joy and happiness throughout the world. So, forget about your ex and just give your love to someone who will appreciate it greatly, which are dogs. If you find that you are struggling with depression, anxiety, and stress, and even your furry friend isn’t helping, you can always find a therapist that fits your needs and preferences at www.betterhelp.com. Their platform can custom-match you with a therapist perfectly suited for your needs and your personality. 

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Deinah Storm is a pet lover from the US that’s had cats and dogs all
her life. When she’s not walking the dogs with her family, she spends
time writing informational and interesting blogs about pets to share
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