What Should You Expect from the Best Dog Day Care Center in Los Angeles

There are over 3,295,198 households in Los Angeles, and 1,163,205 of those households have pets. If you are a Los Angeles-based dog owner, you already know the importance of excellent daycare service. Busy work lives sometimes prevent dog parents from ensuring proper exercise and training for their pets.

Enrolling your dog in a dog day care Los Angeles will help ensure it is well looked after while you are busy working.

Exercise and Training

Dogs are highly energetic and need to spend a lot of time running, chasing, and playing actively. If they don’t get the required amount of exercise each day, your pets could develop chronic issues like obesity, inadequate lung capacity, and digestive issues. The exercise requirements vary based on the breed and age of dogs. 

Most dog breeds need at least 69-120 minutes of physical activity a day. It would help if you kept in mind that your dog is genetically wired to be active and energetic. Dog daycares pay attention to its exercise needs. Experts at the daycare will also provide basic training to your pet. 

A trained dog will not chew on furniture or other belongings (for the most part), will eliminate outside, and respond to instructions like “sit,” “stand,” and “stay.” Training will also help your dog deal with issues like separation anxiety.

Socialization Opportunities

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Socialization opportunities are critical for your dog’s physical and psychological health. Like humans, dogs are social animals and crave same-species interaction. Studies show that dogs that regularly interact and play with other canines are 70% healthier than dogs that don’t. Dogs in a dog daycare in Los Angeles will spend most of their day playing together, chasing each other, and tumbling around together.

 Research also shows that dogs are capable of developing strong, long-term friendships with other dogs. Companionship and playtime will raise your dog’s happiness level and keep your fur child entertained. 

Simulative Environment

Your dog experiences a range of new smells, new emotions, new sights, and new conditions in a dog daycare. All these new experiences stimulate your dog’s mind and brain. Dogs that spend their day in a dog daycare are less anxious and restless once they return home. They also sleep better after a playful day at the facility.

The trainers and experts will also engage your dog with physically and mentally stimulating games, activities, and tasks. So, enrolling your pet in a dog daycare is a much better alternative to leaving him/her alone inside your home.

Boarding Services

Dog daycare facilities also provide boarding services. You can leave town for trips or events knowing your dog is safe and happy in a familiar environment. Since your dog is in the company of people it trusts, it is not likely to experience mental distress or fear. Several pet owners notice that dogs return happy and more energized after a night’s stay in their daycare. 

Special Care

Adopted adult dogs may have suffered anxiety-inducing circumstances in the past. If your dog is adopted, it may show signs of PTSD from past trauma. Dog care experts at daycare facilities work with adopted dogs daily. These experts can help your pet heal from trauma and anxiety. The lively environment will help it heal faster. If your dog has a disability, daycare experts can provide the special care it needs. 

Choose the Best Dog Day Care for Your Pet Dog

Go through reviews of daycare facilities in your area before choosing the best facility for your dog. Daycare services help ensure that your dogs enjoy their lives to the fullest and spend their day doing things they should be doing. 

Dogs that have limited social interaction opportunities and minimal exercise are bound to develop health issues. A fit, active, energizing lifestyle is essential to maintain your dog’s health.

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