Why Are Pandas Endangered | Top Four Reasons

Let us discover why are pandas endangered.With its cuddly appearance and peaceful nature, pandas are one of the world’s beloved animals. A decade ago, giant pandas were plentiful all throughout Asia specifically in China. They used to stray around freely in several parts of Asia; however, in the past 50 years or so, these animals have been rapidly disappearing. One of the major causes of their disappearance is the increased human population.

As more and more humans began to establish, the natural habitats of pandas were being encroached.

Why Are Pandas Endangered


The pandas are classified as endangered species and are primarily threatened by their habitat destruction and low birth rate. In the primitive times, giant pandas were subject to excessive poaching by overseas people since it was hosted in the west. During the second Sino-Japanese War in 1930, the overseas could not poach pandas; however, still panda was one of the most useful sources of silky furs for the native people.

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After when the population of China was on the rise in 1949, many pandas were forced to leave their original habitats and the succeeding famines led to enhanced hunting of wildlife, such as pandas. In those times, not a single organization was working for the conservation of pandas and when the Cultural Revolution emerged, all studies and researched were stopped. According to a 2006 survey, there were 3,000 pandas left in the wild but still this species is en endangered animal. Currently, there are only 1,600 pandas left in the wild and all of them exist in the zoos.

Habitat Loss

The natural habitats of pandas are in mountains that are dominated by large fir trees. These habitats no longer exist with the rise of industrialization and population boom; besides, pandas are very fond of eating bamboos but many bamboo forests were cut down by humans to fulfill their own needs.

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Selective Mating | Why are Pandas Endangered

Pandas are very choosy about their mates. The females are only receptive for a few days. During this time, if she is unable to find any willing mate then the reproductive opportunity is certainly lost. These animals reach the maturity age after five or seven years. Besides, females litter 1 – 2 cubs which seldom survive in the wild. The weight of these cubs is no more than 4 – 8 ounces which further makes their survival difficult.

Insufficient Lowland Forests

For the reason that there are not enough lowland forests, giant pandas couldn’t migrate elsewhere. Giant pandas have a limited diet. All these forests that were once inhabited by bamboo are undergoing cultivation for agricultural crops.

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  1. pandas are so amazing and cute. people be punished for destroying their habitat and hunting them. pandas are one of my fav animals ever!

  2. All animals are amazing! Anybody who has the nerve to shoot should have the nerve to admit it!

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