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Foxes are primarily omnivorous but they have a flexible diet plan. These animals are solitary, opportunistic feeders and will prey on live animals especially rodents. It is known that in the period of former Soviet Union, foxes had consumed 300 plants and animal species. Do foxes eat cats? Have you stumbled one such incident in which fox actually hunt cats? Let’s find out in the later part about the foxes taking on pet cats. Foxes largely rely on small rodents for their daily consumption such as gerbils, voles, ground squirrels, pocket gophers, deer mice, hamsters, and woodchucks. Foxes are also known to prey on several birds including galliformes, waterfowl, and Passeriformes. Other prey includes raccoons, reptiles, insects, porcupines, leporids, and other invertebrates. Red foxes primarily hunt in the early morn or late evening.

Do Foxes Eat Cats

Well, to be sure foxes do not hunt cats regularly as they are known to take on small mouse-like rodents such as voles and ground squirrels. However, when the prey is not sufficient, foxes may hunt domestic cats perhaps due to its opportunistic nature. Generally, cats do not form an essential fox’s diet.

According to some events, urban foxes have attacked pet cats because they were struggling to find ample food for their survival in British towns and cities. Referring to cat owners, they have pointed out quite a few numbers of fox attacks and according to some pest control specialists; the increasing number of attacks are primarily due to the use of wheelie bins instead of bin bags. The use of wheelie bins has rundown many foxes from an easy food source.

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Fox Eating a Rabbit
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Foxes Do Hunt Cats—Pet Owners Claim

(Do Foxes Eat Cats)

One of the pest-controller, Edinburgh holds that the fox calls have become doubled in the recent times. As the population grows, the food becomes scarce but with the wheelie bins the easy-food is no longer accessible. Now they’re shifting towards domestic cats and other pets to fulfill their dietary needs. On number of occasions, people have found out the cat’s head in the garden. Some cat owners have also witnessed that a pack of foxes attacked on their pet cats which they come to know when their cats starts screaming, but by then it’s too late to rescue.

People see these foxes as pests and they also complaint to the local authorities about the issue but the authorities hold that they have no policy on controlling urban foxes. The veterinary surgeons also claim that the fox-related injuries of cats are increasing especially in Britain. These foxes sometimes do not hesitate to chase down cats inside the people’s homes. Another incident took place in Britain where one of the community managers, Stamford Hill managed to save his tabby cat (Mica) from a brutal fox attack but still Mica had a large fox-bite at its back leg and as a result it had stitches and anti-biotics. Perhaps another reason for these attacks is that people generally do not believe that fox actually hunt pet cats apart from those who have come across. Consequently, these foxes are becoming another urban force especially against pets and if authorities do not take immediate measures, chances are that pets would suffer more. They should introduce policies that ensure a controlled population of foxes.

After cars or automobile accidents, foxes are turning out to be the second biggest threat to the pet owners in general, and cat owners in particular. Authorities should also recommend owners to keep their pets inside their homes at night in order to avoid any predatory attacks on their pets. Around 35,000 foxes are living in urban areas out of the total population of 240,000 individuals. It goes without saying that diseases and road accidents have killed half of the animals each year, but the urban population never deems to be declined.

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Red Fox Eating Two ground squirrels

Foxes Do Not Hunt Cats—Professor Stephen Harris

(Do Foxes Eat Cats)

Stephen Harris, a professor of environmental science at Bristol University, holds that foxes are solitary by nature and their attack on pet cats is nothing but an “urban myth”. “I have analyzed the behavior of urban foxes for more than 35 years and have yet to observe any single attack on a cat”, Stephen further added


  1. A fox has stalked my cat for 3 days out of this past week. The fox was making this awful noise, and my cat hissed back. All three times happened in the middle of the night, and we rushed to the front door to let our cat in. The fox did not run away when I opened the door, and just lingered there watching me. It was creepy. My husband would like to shoot the fox, but we are worried about getting into legal trouble over it.

  2. 2am in the morning and once again I am startled wide awake leaping from my bed as I was just woken up by the screeching of a fox pacing back and forth in the front of my deceased husband’s red pickup truck. My smallish all black female cat is REALLY taunting the young fox by confidently or what do I know , I am barely awake to even write this the cat may of been nervous and no taunt at all, but my cats tail is waving back and forth as she is covered by the truck for protection….once again another night of disturbed sleep as I go out my door with the flash light to temporarily blind the fox as my cat …now tonight going slowly with the attitude of a cat without concern of being eaten once her owner came to her rescue…where just recently the nights before she had been humble acting grateful to be rescued she appropriately was running for her life with her tail all puffed out…now determined to show the fox up…aha but now after nights of doing the same dance the fox is now bolder and dared to charge it’s escaping meal or playmate.
    The cat made it to the door and for the next 10 minutes the fox paced the front yard screaming shrilling deafening disappointment…then abruptly the noise stopped and for a split second I thought perhaps the fox had gotten eaten (sad but honestly I had some relief that the horrifying noise had stopped perhaps permanently) NO,The fox was sitting quietly on the neighbors lawn and then occasionally stalking the grass…back to prey it could handle so minus the territorial screams. So until tomorrow night at 2am…or 3am or 5 am the fox returns somewhere in New Jersey

  3. One time I heard a noise like a large animal running out of the woods and into my yard – it turned out to be my tom cat followed by a fox! the fox looked at the cat then looked at me back to the cat then turned around and went back into the woods. I know they hunt cats!

  4. i was woke up by my neighbor who said she saw a fox chase my cat my cat escaped up a tree. last week one of my cats went missing witch leads me to believe it was took by the same fox as my cats dont venture far so foxes do take cats.

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