What Do Foxes Eat | What Do Red Foxes Eat

Do you know what do foxes eat? This article demonstrates the real facts about the foxes diet. In the wild, foxes can survive up to 10 years. However, due to road accidents, diseases and excessive hunting these animals have undergone rapid decrease in their population over the recent years. For the same reason they tend to live for only 2 – 3 years. Foxes are smaller in size in comparison to the jackals, wolves, and wild dogs. Foxes weigh around 5.9 kg (13 lb), with the males are relatively heavier than females.

What Do Foxes Eat

Foxes have a flexible diet plan and because of the fact that they are omnivorous, the diet is predominantly composed of plants and animals. The fox’s diet varies depending on the habitat and the seasonal availability of food.

These animals are the opportunistic feeders and they primarily prey on lizards, rodents, rabbits, earthworms, fish, mollusks, mice, fruits and berries, snakes, voles, hares, carrions, small birds, eggs, and grasshoppers. Foxes also consume grains, grass and fungi.

Among fruits, these species feed on strawberries, plums, apples, and blackberries. Because of their opportunistic nature, foxes also feed on waster products or garbage bins when they’re in close proximity to the human settlement.

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what do foxes eatOther invertebrates and mammals include reptiles, amphibians, berries, fruits, fish, birds, eggs, beetles, insects, grasses, scorpions and dung beetles.

Most foxes consume almost 1 kg of food each day. They tend to hide their foods under the leaves. If you’re thinking to keep foxes as pets, then you’d probably need to aware of all the food that must be fed to these species. These foods include fish, eggs, chicken (without bones), jam, sandwiches, wet dog food, dried dog food, and peanut butter sandwiches.

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What Do Red Foxes Eat

Like all fox species, red foxes also exhibit varied diet pattern. A survey conducted in Russia which concluded that these foxes have consumed more than 300 animals and plant.

Red foxes primarily feed on voles, mice, gerbils, deer mice, birds, mouse-like rodents, woodchucks, galliformes, waterfowls, ground squirrels, hamsters, leporids, raccoons, opossums, reptiles, and other invertebrates such as porcupines, and flotsam.

They also prey on many marine mammals, and pocket gophers. Even though rarely, red foxes also attack small ungulates. These species prey on mammals, with a weight measuring at 3.5 kg each day.

Red foxes are also very fond of consuming plants; however, in the autumn season foxes tend to eat 100% of fruits. These fruits include cherries, sedges, persimmons, mulberries, blueberries, grapes, plums, apples, raspberries, and blackberries. Other things include tubers, grasses, acorns, and sedges.

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