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Through this article you may raise your understanding as to what do dolphins eat. Dolphins are sociable mammals by nature which is why they are habitually found in zoos and water parks. One of the most common dolphins is bottlenose dolphin that is regularly kept under captivity. In the wild, these mammals are carnivorous and they forage in groups.

Over the recent years, scientists have discovered some of the advanced hunting techniques employed by dolphins. These animals are akin to hunt at coastal waters and they use echolocation to identify their prey.  By emitting a sonic pulse, which is reflected by the nearby fish or other prey, dolphins actually locate where the victims are. Bottlenose dolphins are also known to be trapped in the fish nets consequently a rapid decrease in the dolphin population. Dolphin is by far one of the most intelligent living animals on earth. Some dolphin species do not live in ocean; rather they prefer to inhabit in rivers. Amazon River dolphin is one of these. Amazon River dolphins are considered to be endangered species.

what do dolphins eat - two dolphins jumpingWhat Do Dolphins Eat

There is a significant variation amongst dolphin’s diet in that some have flexible diet plan whereas others are restricted to a single population. Dolphins are primarily known to ingest fish and squid. Dolphins are particularly known to chase down the fish in the shallow water. This is method is known as Coralling. Some other dolphin species such as bottlenose dolphins have a unique method of catching small fish. These mammals encircle the small fish while beating its tail down to produce dust particles so that these fish cannot see any escape route. The encircled fish then try to jump over the barrier created by bottlenose dolphins (dust particles) consequently allowing the dolphins to swallow as many as they can.

These marine mammals are also renowned for foraging in groups comprising even thousands of individuals. They tend to form a superpod momentarily in places where food is abundant. These species are more likely to communicate by creating whistle-like sounds. Dolphins have also killed porpoises for reasons that are not known to scientists. Dolphins predominantly feed on mackerel, seals, fishes, cod, herring, and squids.  These mammals are in need of squid more than the mackerel since the former does not have too much fat. Dolphins weighing 200 kg to 250 kg tend to consume 10 kg to 25 kg of food every day.

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