Top 3 Tips for Choosing the Best Cat Food

When it comes to cat food, there are a lot of options out there. It may seem okay to just go for the cheapest one, but this usually isn’t a good idea. The right cat food can ensure your pet lives a healthy and happy life.

How do you choose which one is best for your cat?

Read on to learn the top 3 tips for choosing the best cat food for your kitty.

1. Check the Ingredients

The ingredients are obviously the most important aspect of choosing cat food, so make sure you read those labels.

First things first, you want to make sure the cat food you choose has meat proteins in eat.

Cats are carnivores, which means they need protein from meat in order to survive.

So, what type of meat proteins should you be looking for? Typically, tuna, beef, chicken, and turkey are feline favorites.

If the cat food label says something like “poultry” or “meat by-products”, it’s best to avoid it, as this is a sign it’s a low-quality brand. The quality cat food will always list out the specific meat ingredients that are in it.

Beyond that, you should also be aware that cats do not need carbohydrates. However, you will sometimes see certain carbs, such as corn and wheat, used as fillers.

The cat food should also contain taurine, an essential amino acid for cats, as well as vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, and enzymes.

If you are ever unsure about the quality of ingredients, read some cat food reviews to see how others found the cat food to be.

2. Canned or Kibble?

Many pet owners have trouble deciding whether they should choose canned food or kibble for their cat.

The answer?

You should be giving them both!

Giving your cat a variety of food options is beneficial for several reasons. These include:

  • Variety: Cats can quickly get bored of the same food day after day. Variety helps keep them excited about their meals and prevents their health from suffering.
  • Water: Canned food has water in it, which is extremely beneficial, as many cats do not drink enough water throughout the day.
  • Convenience: Dried food is extremely convenient. You can leave it out for an extended period of time for your cat to snack on without it spoiling.
  • Food Addiction: Yes, food addiction is a real thing in cats! If you give a cat the same food over and over again, they can become addicted to it. Variety helps prevent this addiction.

3. Consider Your Cat’s Age

It’s also very important to consider the age of your cat when choosing their food.

Kittens need different nutrients than an older cat, so make sure you are checking the ingredients to ensure they are getting the proper nutrients for their age.

Kittens will need a good amount of protein to grow, so make sure the first ingredient is some sort of meat protein. Kitten food should also contain folic acid and DHA.

If your cat is older, it is likely to be more sedentary. Therefore, you’ll want to get a low-calorie cat food to ensure they do not gain too much weight. Adult cat food should also be high in Vitamin E, C, and calcium, as this will help build up their immune systems.

You should also buy your senior cat food that is low-fat.

For both kittens and senior cats, you will want to find foods that are “specially formulated” for their age.

With these three tips in mind, you’ll be able to find the best food for your cat!

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