How to Take Care of Your Pet While Studying at the University

When you bring your pet to the university, you may be concerned about taking care of it. This is not easy because you have to balance that with your studies and do your best.

Having a pet in college is normal and this may be a journey for you to become one of the best pet owners in college and beyond. Here is a simple guide on how to deal with a pet while studying in the university. 

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Create playtime with your pet

Time management is an important practice for you. Dogs need to be regularly entertained and given attention. Otherwise, they may get anxious. If you find yourself busy, buy some nice toys to keep them busy.

Treat dispensers and flavored toys are a great option for bored dogs. Pet tech is also a trendy and innovative way to play with your pets. These options may allow you to keep up with your busy schedule in college and keep your pet engaged.

Stick to your schedule

When taking care of your pet, try as much as possible to stick to your plan, including exercising and feeding at a specific time. In college, you may have obstacles while caring for your pet. Some of the obstacles may relate to writing assignments and essays. If you get so overwhelmed with college assignments, you can look for help from outside.

Ask for coursework writing help 

If you want to get good grades and attain your academic goals, you need to focus on quality writing. Coursework writing and essay writing are quite involving and time-consuming and you might find yourself short of time to take care of your pet. Look for coursework service by EduBirdie and hire an academic writer. By doing so, you will create some leisure time to take care of your pet while studying and do well in your studies. The assignments on time will ensure free time for you, which you can spend with your pets. 

Focus on the pet’s health

Cats and dogs require regular checkups to keep them healthy. A sick pet could make you feel lonely and stressed. You may not be able to concentrate on your studies because you are worried about it.

Consider vet visits, regular treatment, and vaccinations to prevent them from diseases. It is better to prevent diseases than cure them. You can also ask your vet to give you some additional tips on caring for your pet. Keep the vaccination records safe and contact the vet if the pet is injured or sick.

Ensure that the pet is comfortable by installing a fan or other important equipment. Other health-related activities include brushing, regular baths, and grooming. Learn how to groom your pet and save some money.

Give the pet enough exercise 

Just like human beings, pets require regular exercise. This can keep your pet healthy and minimize behavioral problems such as chewing, barking, digging, licking, and other anxiety-related disorders. It may also help your pet to have confidence and trust in you.

Younger pets may need playful games such as catching, while for older ones, walking will be fine. You can create enough time during the week or over the weekends to do quality exercises. You can look for your fellow dog owners in the university and do some Light pressure therapy (LPT).

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Keep your environment clean and organized

Keeping the dorm clean while in the university is good for you and your pet. Minimize debris, clutter, and items that you don’t need. Come pre[pared with cleaning materials like a vacuum cleaner and also proper storage.

You must keep your dog in a clean, free and healthy environment always. You can choose a section of your dorm and place the pet items in a bin to keep them organized. Taking a pet to college requires you to manage time effectively. You don’t want to waste time looking for a particular item while you need to be in class.

If your dorm room is not spacious, you can keep the items on a bedside shelf or get a rack and place it on the fridge, and put the items there. You can also use an under-bag storage unit.


Taking care of your pet while studying in the university is all about paying attention to the basic pet care requirements. These include play, regular schedule, health, exercise, and hygiene. How you do it in university is almost similar to how you can do it at home. If you follow the above guide, you will have an easier time and you may not compromise on your studies in any way.

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