5 funny things dogs do

Dogs can be hilarious creatures! They coexist with humans and have adapted to share many of our habits. They seem to understand human emotions and even what we find entertaining. Half the fun of having a dog is being silly with them and buying them cute gifts like Two Tails funny dog tags.

funny things dogs do

There are no scientific reasons to explain much of dogs’ silly behavior. For some reason, dogs are just funny! Without further ado, here are 5 funny things that dogs do:

1 – Biting their tail

Most dogs do habitually bite their tails. It may be a general playful activity in some cases. It is a way of fidgeting and relieving stress. However, if the dog is biting the same place forcefully and just too often, then it may mean parasitic infection like lice or so.

2 – Whirling around chasing their tales

Many dogs are often seen running behind their tales. It looks funny because it gives the appearance of whirling in the same position. The activity may last for only a few seconds but may even prolong for some minutes. 

Younger pups don’t regard their tails as a part of their body, which is a normal belief. However, adult dogs do so to fidget their boredom out. Nevertheless, if it becomes too prolonged, then it may be a sign of obsessive-compulsive disorder. A veterinary consultation, at this point might be helpful.

3 – Scratching their bums on the floor

This behavior is particularly interesting. It is regarded as an activity deep-rooted in the dogs’ genes. They do so, wanting to bury and cover their faeces. They think that their poop can give out other dogs or larger predators their position. 

This is a behaviour they have inherited from their lupine ancestors–wolves. Scientists regard it as vestigial behaviour and not useful for dogs who live with humans on hard surface homes.

4 – Rolling on the ground

Many dogs roll on the ground. It can be while they are in a playful mood. However, it is another way of self-caressing. Some dogs get heated up, especially while playing; they roll on the ground to cool themselves.

Itching due to bacterial or fungal infections or lice infestation can be one reason. Also, rolling on floors with different textures make them feel nice; it is like self-massaging. Moreover, it can also be a gesture of invitation to other pets like a friendly cat or dog to join the spree of playing. It may be a sign that your dog needs your attention too.

5 – Baying like wolves

A pretty annoying behaviour; however, some dogs do howl at night. Again, it is an inherited behaviour from wolves; it is mostly a sign of showing dominance or calling for backup. However, there may be other reasons behind it. If it is more of a regular thing, then consulting a vet is a good move.


These funny behaviors are just a few of the reasons we love dogs. Have you seen dogs do them all before? 

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