Pet Photography: Tips And Tricks To Make Pictures Look Better

Who doesn’t love pet pictures? They’re cute, funny and make us want to rush home and spend time with our furry friends. But what can you do if your pet is camera shy or the picture just isn’t turning out as you wanted it to? This article will give you some tips on how to take better pictures of your pets so that you can relive those precious memories at any time. 

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Be Prepared

Pets can be unpredictable, and they certainly don’t follow the rules. That’s why it is essential to prepare ahead of time when you want to take a picture. As stated by pets’ portraits professionals at, this is a project that requires concentration and you will need to have everything ready before your pet even gets into the frame. You should have an already charged camera, the memory card installed, and settings/features adequately configured for the photo session.

Like every other kind of photography, it is essential to know your equipment and how to use all the features before you take that perfect shot. However, this doesn’t mean that you should be spending hours reading manuals or trying out different combinations (which will inevitably result in blurry images). Instead, get familiar with setting up pet photography by taking a few test shots in your home.

Composition is Key

Most people think that it’s all about having good equipment, but we’re here to tell you that composition plays just as an important role in pet photography. As a photographer, you need to have an eye for how all the elements in your photo are arranged and positioned relative to each other.

For example, if there is too much going on in one frame, it will be hard for people to focus on just one thing or even look at the picture as a whole. While sometimes you may be trying to show a chaotic scene, that is not the best way to capture your pet’s personality. In other words, too many elements in one photo can make it confusing and even unattractive.

Be Fast With Your Camera

If you want to get the best action shots, learning how to work with your camera’s shutter speed is essential. Pets are fast and move, so catching them in a split second can be challenging if you don’t know what settings to use beforehand.

For this technique to succeed, you need good lighting conditions and an object that is rushing. If you’re using a shutter speed of one second or less, it might be helpful to use a tripod to avoid camera shake and blurry images. Once you get your pet used to the sound of the clicker (it can take some time), all you have left is practice until capturing errant moments becomes second nature.

Bring Out the Personality of Your Pet

Sometimes we love our pets so much that they seem like family, and it is hard for us to see them as anything else but cute, cuddly, and funny. However, this isn’t exactly an excellent way to take their picture because all those adjectives will eventually get boring if you keep repeating them every time you want to show your pet.

Instead, try to bring out the best in their personality by mixing things up with different poses and backgrounds to display their energy or cuteness. Play around with their favorite toys or even dress them in costumes. Remember that different shots will show the audience a new side of your pet, making for an exciting photo album to look back on.

Panning can be Fun

Panning is a technique that you can use to capture the motion of your pet. This works best for animals that are running or anything else that involves fast movement. Following your pet’s movements while keeping them in focus will give people an idea about how quickly they were moving and what was going on around them at the time.

Just like any other action shot, you should use a fast shutter speed to capture the motion blur while keeping your pet in focus. It may take some practice and patience before you get it right because panning is different from normal photography techniques. However, once you get this one down pat, we guarantee that people will be impressed by all the beautiful shots you will get.

Use Negative Space to Your Advantage

Negative space is an essential part of photography because it allows the eye to get a break from all the details in your picture. In other words, negative space helps draw attention to one particular element and ensures that people don’t miss out on anything.

This concept can be used very easily when capturing pet photos by including a simple background without too many details. The more negative space you include, the easier it will be for people to focus on your pet and admire their cuteness.

Photographing pets is all about capturing those special moments when everything comes together perfectly. Whether you are trying to capture your pet’s personality or the special bond that you share, there are many tricks of the trade to help you create memorable images. By following the above tips and practicing with your equipment ahead of time, you will be on your way to taking some fantastic photos in no time at all!

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