Everything You Need to Know About Visiting a Dude Ranch

Arlington is a classic Texan city, with beautiful urban parks, well-known events, and a diverse range of unique attractions. Apartments in Arlington, TX can range from $1,000 – $3,000 per month, which is less than the national average. Arlington is a diverse community with pleasant weather, a strong economy, and plenty of career prospects.

When you think of Texas, do you think of a dude ranch? A popular misperception about a dude ranch vacation is that it is a working vacation where you pay to work as a ranch hand. This is not the case. In fact, a trip to a dude ranch is one of the most relaxing holidays available. Your stay at the dude ranch will be tailored to the needs of the guests, and in today’s fast-paced world, being able to take advantage of such a schedule is a gift. There are numerous reasons for families to consider a dude ranch vacation, including horseback riding and western-themed activities such as cookouts. Most dude ranches are all-inclusive, with meals, accommodation, activities, and entertainment all included in one price. 


Consider the type of ranch experience you want your family to have. Ranch housing is clean and pleasant, ranging from rustic to luxurious. Do you like small cottages or opulent studios and apartments? Inquire about the ranch’s amenities as well. Is there a spa, pool, and/or hot tub available? Furthermore, not all ranches sell alcoholic beverages. 

Children’s Activities

Inquire about the ranch’s children’s programs, which differ from one to the next. Are there any teen camps or programs for older children? Inquire about childcare services as well. Find out if there will be other youngsters at the ranch at the same time as your children so that they can meet new friends.

Horseback Riding

Horseback riding is, of course, the main attraction at a dude ranch. Some guest ranches may assign you to the same horse for each ride. Some people, on the other hand, enjoy variety and prefer to ride different horses. Talk to the wranglers on the property about your possibilities. Everything except spa services is usually included in the price, but double-check to make sure so you can plan accordingly.

White Water Rafting

While kicking back and relaxing in nature is an important aspect of the dude ranch experience, other guests are looking for huge thrills. This is when a rafting trip comes in handy. Whitewater rafting is a thrilling excursion for the whole family that will allow you to view the West in a whole new light. Whether you opt for a half-day or full-day rafting tour, you are in for a thrilling and unforgettable adventure.

Cowboy Cookout

It’ll be time to have some authentic cowboy-style dishes after a day of riding along gorgeous trails or relaxing in the pure mountain air. Many dude ranches, such as Colorado Trails Ranch, offer a private chef and a complete western meal every night, as well as a monthly cowboy barbeque. After a long day of activities with the family, this is the ideal way to satisfy a large appetite. With finely cooked and meaty quantities of BBQ and veggies big enough to feed a horse (pun intended), not even the pickiest of diners will be disappointed. 

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