Protection of Animals Through Human Rights

Animals are a big part of our lives, so we should treat them responsibly. As humans have rights, so do animals. It is wrong to treat them like they are not part of our environment or eco-system. The Basic Human Rights List found in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that all human beings are free and equal, have the right to live, and shall never be subjected to torture or cruel punishment. 

Our basic human rights teach us that, as humans have the right to be free and never be subject to cruelty, so do animals. Animal welfare is an important subject to discuss, especially when we’re looking through the lens of our basic human rights. Our rights to be free and not subject to cruelty should transfer into real-life behavior and respect towards animals. We should not take our rights for granted; instead, we should forward these rights onward.

Here are some of the most important animal protection rights you should be concerned about. They come with a list of advice you must respect.

1.Only get a pet when you’re responsible enough

Understand the requirements of owning a pet and don’t get one unless you’re ready to properly care for it. It is NOT okay to adopt and soon after, change your mind about it. Animals get attached just like human babies do, so don’t do that to your pet. If you’ve got a pet, stick to them, love them, and fulfill all of their needs. Offer them happy experiences, take them on trips, hug them, and play with them. Be there for your pet just like they are there for you.


2. Foster pets that need you

You can always purchase a dog – and that’s fine if the circumstances require it – but you should focus on pets that need you. Many foster pets suffer abandonment each year, so adopting a cute puppy from a shelter could mean saving his or her life. You could help them recover by loving them!

3. Intervene in animal abuse situations

If you’re witnessing any animal abuse situations, please intervene. Do whatever it takes to stop someone from mistreating an animal. It is neither fair nor legal; animals are souls, just as humans are. Try not to put yourself in danger while saving the animal; if necessary, seek help from other eyewitnesses. 

4. Report animal abuse or read free-essay examples on the issue to understand more

Report abuse, neglect, or cruelty towards animals whenever you see it. Not reporting it basically means accepting it. Report mistreatment of animals to the police or other authorities; act immediately, animals need our immediate help in these situations. Education on animal protection is absolutely essential. If you want to read more about it, you could find free-essay examples on animal protection rights and the civil-rights-movement at, an online resource that could help you see beyond the surface.  

5. Teach your family to be mindful and respectful towards animals

Your kids should study how important animals are in our lives, and they should develop respect and kindness towards all animals. Teach them how to treat animals with love, consideration, and kindness. Teach them how to report abuse if they see it. Teach them how to be strong advocates of animal rights. Explain to them why this is one of our first human duties. Then, have them write an informative essay about the issue at hand. Test their knowledge! Test their education level. See if they understand. If not, explain again. 

6. Neglect of animals could mean domestic abuse

Do you know that animal neglect is closely linked to domestic abuse? By reporting what you’re seeing, you can help out a woman in need. If you’ve got suspicions, don’t think twice. Call the police and let them know that you’re a student or worker, and that you’ve seen abuse towards animals. You don’t have to include any other details in your report. 

7. Educate people about animal protection rights

People need more education on these matters. They are not aware of how abuse towards animals affects all of us, and this is truly dangerous. Writing more stories and articles on this topic is just the beginning. We need to help everyone understand how they can intervene when they see animals mistreated. Animals have the right to live safely just as much as we do. 

8. Offer help to those who need it

If there are owners who seem overwhelmed by their pets, it’s time to offer them a helping hand. We should develop this type of mentality more often. Help the owner get quicker access to the resources they might need or offer them any type of advice they might ask for.

Wrapping Up

Protecting animals’ rights should be one of our first priorities as humans. We should only get a pet when we’re responsible enough, always consider adopting, report abuse or neglect of animals, and educate our children on how to treat them properly. Our society needs to learn what loving animals actually means. 

Author Bio:

Michael Turner is an animal activist and freelance writer. He writes blogs on animal rights and supports animal shelters. Michael is also a journalist and on the verge of publishing his first book. 



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