The Peaceful Betta | Fun Facts & Care

The Peaceful Betta is an excellent addition to a tropical aquarium. It is a fascinatingly beautiful fish, that is yet rarely seen in the fishkeeping hobby. Apt to its name, it is relatively non-aggressive and capable of living in a community aquarium. This is surprising since betta fish are known to be highly territorial.


About the Peaceful Betta (B. Imbellis)

The scientific name of the species is Betta Imbellis, as described by Werner Ladiges in 1975. The Imbellis has metallic blue-green gill plates that reflect beautifully in the light. Typically, the average size of an Imbellis is between 1.5 to 2 inches long. While males tend to be bigger than females, they also tend to be more colorful and have more extensive fins.
The B. Imbellis is a cousin to the most popular fish species in the aquarium hobby—the Betta Splendens. Also known as the Siamese Fighting Fish, they are commonly sold in undersized containers at pet stores.
In appearance, the B. Splendens generally have larger fins and slightly brighter in coloration. Nevertheless, the two species are physically very resemblant. It is in temperament that two species differ most. For the most part, the Imbellis remains peaceful in a community aquarium. The Splendens, on the other hand, are notoriously belligerent with other fish.

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Fun Facts

Peaceful Bettas have a labyrinth organ that helps them absorb oxygen, similarly to lungs. That is why betta fish are often seen swimming close to the top of the aquarium. Every so often, they take a breath from the surface of the water.
Betta fish are good jumpers! In fact, they can jump up to 3 times their width. That is really high for fish of its size! For this reason, an aquarium lid is recommended. This will prevent the fish from jumping out of the aquarium.
During mating, the male betta creates a nest made of bubbles. He will try to build the biggest nest possible to get the attention of the female. After spawning, the male will organize the eggs within the nest and protect them from other fish. The female, on the other hand, will quickly leave after the eggs after spawning and provide no further support in the reproductive process.

Peaceful Betta Aquarium Care

The Peaceful Betta is easy to care for. To start off, you will need a tank that is bigger than 5 gallons. Bettas like to swim around and scavenge for food. If the aquarium is too small, bettas tend to become sluggish and bored. As a bigger aquarium can help you increase the lifespan of your betta, as it will encourage them to be more active.

The Betta Imbellis is a tropical fish, it is therefore important that their owners maintain water temperatures between 21 and 27 degrees Celsius. Maintaining the water warm will ensure that the fish is healthy and help them maintain their coloration.
Also, water acidity levels should be adjusted if needed. The species generally prefer slightly acidic water or within the pH range of 5.5 to 7. Acidity can be increased using Indian almond leaves.
In terms of diet, the Imbellis Betta is carnivorous and will eat most fish foods from like pellets, flakes, and crisps. With time you will notice the kinds of foods that your fish pet likes most.


The betta imbellis is a beautiful fish that is easy to care for and love. The species’ cool temperament makes it compatible with some fish. In this way, the Peaceful Betta is a good alternative to the more aggressive betta splendens.
As a disclaimer, it is important that you research compatibility between fish before adding them to the aquarium. While Peaceful Bettas are likely to be nonviolent, they do not like over-crowded tanks and may feel stressed in a community aquarium. Generally, the species is more likely to fight fish that are big enough for them to feel threatened. Preferably, fishkeepers should choose smaller, schooling fish like tetras and loaches.
If you are interested in purchasing a Peaceful Betta, note that the species is difficult to find as it generally cannot be found in pet stores and local pet stores. Generally, you will find these for sale in online stores, or fishkeeping communities on social media. Once in your possession, the Peaceful Betta is amazing fish that is bound to provide hours of fun and wonder for beginners and advanced fishkeepers.

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