How Long Do Betta Fish Live in Captivity

Today I’m going to tell you about how long do betta fish live in captivity and what can you do to raise its lifespan. The betta fish have long been admired for their unique coloration exhibiting yellowish-brown along with green bright green spots on its elongated body. The males are known to fight with each other but the stories about their extreme fights are usually exaggerated. Nonetheless, they are aggressive so much so that they can’t be bred in the same tank. The betta fish were first discovered in Thailand and Malay Peninsula.

How Long Do Betta Fish Live in Captivity

Betta fish (Siamese Fighting Fish) typically lives about three to five years but you should not expect that much longer lifespan while you keep it in captivity. When you bring one such species from the store, it is likely that the fish is already one year old. The male betta fish do not grow its colors and fins until they reach one year. Generally, betta fish cannot survive for more than one year to be precise. Nonetheless, you can certainly extend the betta fish lifespan while taking good care of it and feeding it a healthy diet. If you have a betta fish that only lived for about two years, perhaps you should not be concerned too much since it is very close to its natural lifespan.

how long do betta fish live in captivity
Betta Fish
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Raising Betta Fish Lifespan | How Long Do Betta Fish Live

Some scientists and breeders also agree that the betta fish, if kept in a best possible environment, can live more than 6 years; but of course it is highly unlikely. I know many breeders would be concerned about raising the lifespan of betta fish—and why not, as these are one of the most colorful and attractive species that can be bred in captivity. Breeders often feed their fighting fish with anabolic steroids which indeed increases their lifespan to about 5 or 7 years.

Betta Fish Strain

There are various factors that contribute towards the betta fish lifespan. One such factor is betta fish strain which it suffers when it’s not bred properly or in an ideal environment. Therefore, you should bear this in mind especially while buying from the store; since there are stores that do not come up with the basic requirements of keeping these species in captivity.

Betta Fish for Breeding | How Long Do Betta Fish Live

Another very important factor affecting betta fish lifespan is that if the fish is used for breeding or not. Breeding and spawning can lead to a shorter lifespan of betta fish at times.


The space, in which they are kept, does make a difference in its longevity. Some breeders or scientists believe that the greater the space is, the longer the lifespan is! Different studies have also backed this argument and holds that the ideal space for betta fish means 50 gallons of water in a large tank. Nevertheless, most people cannot afford to have that much luxury for their fish.

how long do betta fish live in captivity
Betta Fish
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Diet | How Long Do Betta Fish Live

Betta fish that are commonly bred in fish bowls tend to have a lifespan of 2 to 3 years. They are very territorial species when it comes to their environment. They require a space which allows them to get enough exercise. Besides, you should feed your fish a reasonable quantity of food since it can lead to obesity. Pellets are the most common type of foods which betta fish must be fed with.

Water Purity

In order to enhance the lifespan of your betta fish, you should clean its water at least once in a week. Moreover, betta fish requires minerals in water; however, regular tap water can have additives like chlorines which can kill your fish.

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