What Do Badgers Eat | What Do Honey Badgers Eat

Do you know what do badgers eat! This article will guide you towards a better understanding of badgers diet. Badgers have an exceptional sight and sharp smelling sense which is why they mostly hunt at night. They are basically nocturnal creatures. With the help of their strong limbs, they dig out their prey with ease. They are fully capable to make large holes. These merciless animals tend to tear apart the parts of the prey with their powerful teeth.

What Do Badgers Eat

  • The European badgers predominantly feed on insects, grubs, and earthworms. Their diet is also composed of several small mammals, amphibians, birds and reptiles. These species are akin to feed on fruits, sunflower seeds, and roots. In some parts of the world (for e.g. in Northern Spain), badgers primarily eat rabbits.
  • Honey badgers that belong to Africa feed on venomous snakes including puff adder and porcupines. These animals climb trees to consume honey from the bee’s nest. American Badgers are fossorial carnivores in that they hunt their prey in wide places and extract most of their food by digging. Their digging speed is unparalleled.

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Honey Badgers Diet

  • Honey badgers exhibit distinctive diet pattern of the weasel family. Where the human presence is insignificant, these animals tend to hunt any time during the day; however, under normal circumstances and in places where human dominance is noticeable, badgers pursue their prey at night.
  • These badgers primarily feed on turtles, terrestrial rodents, pocket gophers, moles, voles, rats, carrion, birds, eggs, insects, frogs, and lizards. Honey badgers are carnivorous. These species sometimes outrun lions and seize their prey. Honey badgers also consume vegetables, bulbs, berries, and roots. Badgers employ various hunting methods to kill gerbils, ground squirrels, and rodents.
  • They prey on tortoises with the help of their robust jaws. Even highly venomous snakes such as cobras can fall to its victim. Badgers have also been known to dig human corpses in India. Another distinctive ability these species possess is that they ingest all parts of the victim including bones, feathers, hair and skin.

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