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Animals Time is all about animals for kids with interesting, educative, informative and amazing wild life facts for kids. Animals are amazing creatures that add to the beauty of our natural environment, they are an essential part of our life from being our best friends to as a major source of our food, as beast of burden and as a part of the earth natural beauty. Animals are as much important as we humans are and they share the mother earth with us. As a superficial being we should love and care about animals and take the responsibility to create awareness about them, preserve them, protect them and introduce them to our children so that they can carry this responsibility to the upcoming generations. So gear yourself for an online wildlife safari as Animals Time is all about animals for kids and let your children discover all about animals with amazing facts, pictures and videos about the different animals, what do they eat and where do they live.

All About Animals for Kids – Animals Classification

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These categories serves as broad classification of animals into well known groups that are easy to remember for kids.

A to Z Animals – Select An Animal to View All Articles About it

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