Where do zebras live? It’s a tricky question for those who’d never been to any forest rather they have only attended these animals behind the bars in zoos. This article demonstrates some of the most imperative zebra habitat facts and its widespread distribution. One of the most common zebra species is plains zebras that inhabits across southern Ethiopia, Angola and South Africa. Kenya and Tanzania hosts 8 to 10 plains zebras.

When it comes to Grevy’s zebras, their inhabiting range is perhaps restricted to eastern Ethiopia, northern Kenya with some species also dwelling in Sudan. Mountain zebras are commonly found in the South Africa and Namibia. Nearly all zebra species are known to reside away from each other; however, they graze mutually but they never interbreed.

Where Do Zebras Live

Few zebra species have superior habitats in comparison to others. Plains zebra is one of them. These species are akin to live in wide country grasslands, African savannahs and African trees. Even though seldom, these zebras are also known to reside at an elevation of about 13,000 feet (4,000 m).

These animals tend to stay away from deserts or dense forests. Basically residing in the grasslands or shrublands, these zebras tend to endure parched places but they constantly need a freshwater without which they were unable to survive after 4 to 5 days.

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Unlike plains zebras, mountain zebras do not apt to live beyond an elevation of 6,500 feet (2,000 m) above sea level. Rather they prefer to live at the mountainous slopes of South Africa. With their naturist ability to migrate, these animals do not preferably reside at one place.

The animals living high above sea level have a propensity to come down according to the changes in weather. In the hot days of summer, they are more likely to travel towards high-altitude places whereas they return when the winter arrives. Some of the Gravy’s zebras are habitual in migrating towards greener-pasture places.

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Zebras on the March

Perhaps the largest migration of zebras stumbled upon Serengeti plains in Tanzania and Kenya. Hosting thousands of zebras coupled with millions of wild animals, Serengeti plains are a hub of wildlife. The rainfall is what ultimately drives them toward the greenish areas since they have a firm a belief on the nature’s promise. This migration indeed makes them susceptible to the predators like lions, tigers and leopards. This much traveling also involves crossing of rivers where sea predators like crocodiles wait long enough to give them a warm reception.

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