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How many of you know where do lions live? Certainly few! In this article you’ll be thrashing out some of the imperative information regarding lions habitat and distribution. Contrary to the nature of other cats, lions are not solitary predators. A pride comprises two to three lions coupled with lionesses ranging from two to twenty females. Since they confine themselves to a pride, the odds for survival are far greater in comparison to other cats.

Where Do Lions Live

Before tumbling into the facts about widespread distribution and lions’ habitat, let us first classify these big cats into two main categories: African and Asiatic lions. As the name indicates, these cats were named after their respective continents i.e. Africa and Asia. Apparently, it seems as if there is no significant difference between the two species, however, even though slight the diversity is always there. Unlike Asiatic lions, the African Lions have relatively lengthy manes. There are no more than 300 Asiatic lion species left at present. Lions usually build their habitat in dens and lairs and they fancy their living under cool temperatures even though they apt to persist in hot climates.

Asiatic lions have long been known to stray across southern Europe, Asia, and Middle East. Currently, these cats are believed to be endangered species. Undersized population of Asiatic lions is now dwelling in Gir protected area (Indian forest). Hosting between 10,000 to 30,000 lion species, the continent of Africa is believed to be the largest hub (for lions) on the planet earth. They spread out across savannah or grasslands. These cats are more prevalent in Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, and Botswana.

These wild animals inhabit in the savannahs grasslands that are abundant with Acacia trees, which serve as a primary source for shade. However, in India lions preferably occupy mixture of dry forest and deciduous scrub forests. Their habitats run across the Southern parts of Eurasia, Greece extending to the Sahara desert, Africa, and India. Until 480 B.C. these animals had been pervasively existed in Greece and were known to take on domesticated camels. The population of Asiatic lions had been dramatically trimmed down in the 300 B.C. due to various factors. Some other places where lions are found include North Africa, Iran, Southwest Asia, Gir Forest (India), Turkey, and Gujarat (India).

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